Complete Octopus Deploy Certification Guide & tutorials

What is Octopus Deploy?

Octopus Deploy is an automated deployment tool which can integrate with most code build process for application deployment and configuration. It makes release management easy, auditable, and compliant. This helps the DevOps team achieve maximum efficiency by removing the repeatable manual work and the frequent changes in application configuration while pushing an application from one environment to other.

Octopus Deploy is divided into two parts. First is the Octopus Server where the application or service to be deployed is added and configured. The second is Octopus Tentacles, (which is installed on the set of machines) where the applications configured on Octopus Server should be deployed.

Octopus can be installed on various platforms comprising Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be integrated as well with most version control tools including VSTS and GIT.

What is the use of Octopus Deploy?

Deployment is the mechanism from which applications, modules, updates, and patches could be delivered from developers to users. The methods used by developers to build, test and deploy new code will impact how fast a product may respond to changes in customer preferences or requirements and the quality of each change.

It is also an automated deployment and release management server. It is designed to simplify deployment of ASP.NET applications Windows Services and databases.

Octopus Architecture

Compare UDeploy Certification Vs Octopus Deploy Certification

UdeployOctopus Deploy
Platforms SupportedSaaSWindows, Linux, SaaS
AudienceDevelopers and DevOps teamsSoftware, IT and DevOps Professionals
CategoriesContinuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, DevOps, Release Management.Configuration Management, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Release Management
IntegrationsAzure DevOps Server, Bitbucket, Docker, Git, Jenkins, GitHub, Kubernetes, AWS, Actifio, Amazon EC2Azure DevOps Server, Bitbucket, Docker, Git, Jenkins, GitHub, Kubernetes, AWS
SupportBusiness Hours, 24/7 Live Support, OnlineBusiness Hours, 24/7 Live Support, Online

List of Octopus Deploy Certification

  • Octopus Deploy Essential Training
  • Octopus Deploy Intermediate Training
  • Octopus Deploy Advance Training

UDeploy Certification Path

  • Get certified from

Octopus Deploy Certification Cost

  • Rs 19,999/-

Best salary for Octopus Deploy Certified Professional

  • $76k – $106k

Best Octopus Deploy Certification Tutorials

Best Octopus Deploy Certification Video Tutorials

Best Octopus Deploy certification Ebooks

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