Top 50 Kafka Interview Questions & Answer

1) What is Apache Kafka? Apache Kafka is a publish-subscribe open source message broker application. This messaging application was coded in “Scala”. Basically, this project was started by the Apache…

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Complete Octopus Deploy Certification Guide & tutorials

What is Octopus Deploy? Octopus Deploy is an automated deployment tool which can integrate with most code build process for application deployment and configuration. It makes release management easy, auditable,…

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Complete Chef Certification Guide & tutorials

What is Chef? Chef is an open source systems management and cloud infrastructure automation platform. Opscode created the Chef configuration management tool, and the company later changed its name to…

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Top 50 TeamCity interview questions and answers

1) Is TeamCity a CI or CD? TeamCity is a general-purpose CI/CD solution that allows the most flexibility for all sorts of workflows and development practices. The Projects Overview lets…

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Top 50 Cobertura interview questions and answers

1) Where Does The Name “cobertura” Come From? “Cobertura” is the Spanish and Portuguese word for “coverage.” We were trying to avoid acronyms and coffee references. It’s not too hard…

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Top 50 Unit testing interview questions and answers

1) What is smoking? In unit testing, we use mocking. An object you want to test may have other complex object dependencies. You replace the other objects with mocks simulating…

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Top 50 Jmeter interview questions and answers

1) Explain what is JMeter? JMeter is a Java tool, which is used for performance Load Testing. 2) Explain how JMeter works? JMeter acts like a group of users sending…

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Top 50 Zabbix interview questions and answers

1) What can be monitored using Zabbix? Zabbix provides monitoring metrics, such as network utilization, CPU load and disk space consumption. The software monitors operations on Linux, Hewlett Packard Unix…

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Top 50 Splunk interview questions and answers

1) Define Splunk It is a software technology that is used for searching, visualizing, and monitoring machine-generated big data. It monitors and different types of log files and stores data…

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Top 50 WordPress interview questions and answers

1) What is WordPress? WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) and a blogging tool, based on PHP and MySQL. It is free of cost, and you can…

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Top 50 H20 interview questions and answers

1) What is AutoML in H2O? H2O’s Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML) H2O is a fully open-source, distributed in-memory machine learning platform with linear scalability. … H2O AutoML can be used…

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Top 11 Best Domain Name Generators & Website Name Suggestions in 2022

This is the age of startups and no new business or existing businesses can imagine their complete existence without having a web presence. With the majority of buying now taking…

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Top 50 Ansible interview questions and answers

Q1) What is Ansible? Ansible is developed in Python language. It is a software tool. It is useful while deploying any application using ssh without any downtime. Using this tool…

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How can we use Ansible and where?

Friends, First of all let’s know about Ansible is simple yet powerful. It is a great automation tool and does have great future. It is an open-source automation tool, or…

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What is Google Webmaster Tools in SEO and What’re the Features?

SEO Executives use Google Webmaster Tools so that they can understand the errors which are occurring in the website. They fix all these errors so that the website does rank…

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Web GUI tools for Elasticsearch cluster

elasticsearch-head is a web front end for browsing and interacting with an Elastic Search cluster. There are multiple ways of running elasticsearch-head. Running as a plugin of ElasticSearch (this is…

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Tool Selection Process

mfeighner created the topic: Tool Selection Process…d=44:tools&Itemid=81 rajeshkumar replied the topic: Tool Selection Process Hi Mike, Is it your website? seems the post have been wrongly-linked with other thread…..

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Is there a command line tool?

msiexpert created the topic: Is there a command line tool? Is there a command line tool? applicationPackaging replied the topic: Re: Is there a command line tool? The command line…

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Actual Installer, this tool with its safe and reliable interface creates amazing

InstallerGeek created the topic: Actual Installer, this tool with its safe and reliable interface creates amazing Installation packages are supposed to be the last but not the least step in…

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Top 10 Static Code Analysis Tools

Top 10 Static Code Analysis Tool | Best Static Code Analysis Tools List

Software security is a very important concern for todays Software market and for that you need to do code analysis in the development lifecycle. Now we can not imagine ourselves to sit back and do manual reading each line of codes and find issues and bugs. Those days of manual review in the software development lifecycle to find the flaws in the codes are over now.
Now the mindsets has changed and developing quality & secure code from the beginning is on rise. This is the time of automation and developers & programmers are now shifting towards the adoption of tools which auto detects the flaws as soon as possible in the software development lifecycle.
As the process shifting towards the automation, static code analysis (SCA) has become an important part of creating quality code. Now the question here is, What is Static Code Analysis?
Static Code Analysis is a technique which quickly and automatically scan the code line by line to find security flaws and issues that might be missed in the development process before the software or application is released. It functions by reviewing the code without actually executing the code.

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Top 5 IT Management Tools | IT Management Software

IT Management Software | Top 5 IT Management Tools Servicenow BMC Remedy Jira Salesforce Sharepoint

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Best Open Source Scanning Software

Open Source Scanning Software Palamida openlogic Blackduck fisheye

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Top 5 git version control software in cloud

Cloud Based cloudforge Assembla github bitbucket beanstalk Gitlab Some of them can be hosted behind the firewall as well in your company premises. Gerrit Gitlab Github

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Interview Questions and Answer for Perforce Version Control Tool

Some of the perforce commands which is not commonly used but useful. p4 annotate – Print file lines along with their revisions. e.g p4 annotate file.c How to ignore files/folder…

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Overview of EMMA | Code Coverage Tool – EMMA

Overview EMMA is a tool for measuring coverage of Java software. Such a tool is essential for detecting dead code and verifying which parts of your application are actually exercised…

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List of Free Issue Tracking / Bug Tracking System

An issue tracking system (also called trouble ticket system or incident ticket system) is a computer software package that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization….

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What is Apache Ant? – Apache ant Overview

What is an apache ant? Apache Ant is a Java-based build tool. In theory, it is kind of like Make, but without Make’s wrinkles. Why another build tool when there…

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Step by step guide on PerforceDFiles Tool | Perforce Tutorial

PerforceDFiles Use: This tool can be used to add thousands of files and directory in perforce server on single click which is having different-different hierarchy Prerequisite: Java should install and…

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