Create Rest API with Laravel Passport Authentication

Laravel passport

Laravel Passport is an OAuth2 server and API authentication package that is simple and enjoyable to use. We will use laravel passport to authenticate token-based request except for session

You have to just follow a few steps to get following web services:

  • Login API
  • Register API
  • Details API

Step 1 – First Create a Project

$ composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel RestAPI "5.8.*"

Step 2 – Install Package

There are two ways to install package:

  1. Write the following command given below
composer require laravel/passport

2. Update the composer and check your composer.json file

composer update

Step 3 – Open config/app.php file and add service provider

Step 4 – Update database name (.env file)

Step 5 – Open phpMyAdmin and create databse

Step 5 – Run Migration and Install

php artisan migrate

php artisan passport:install

Step – 6 Modify User.php

Go to app–>http–>User.php

Step – 7 Modify app/Providers/AuthServiceProvider.php

Step 8 – Modify config/auth.php

Step -9 Create API Route

Go to routes–>api.php

Step 10 – Create The Controller

 php artisan make:controller UserController

Step 11 – Open UserController

  • We create an API folder inside the Controllers folder
  • After Creating, we Move UserController.php to API folder

Go and Run the server inside RestAPI folder, code is given below-

$php artisan serve

Step – 12 Download the app to quickly get started using the Postman API Platform. 

Step – 13 After Installing, Open and Hit the API

We have to write key-value pair to store data in database. Given Below

Now, Token is generated in the above image by hitting the send button. After hitting the send button the key-value pair is stored in the database. Let’s go and open phpMyAdmin given below.

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