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How Perforce change list number works?

Perforce assigns numbers to changelists and also maintains a default changelist, which is numbered when you submit it. You can create multiple changelists to organize your work. For example, one changelist might contain files that are changed to implement a new feature, and another changelist might contain a bug fix. Changelists are renumbered so that submitted changelist numbers always ascend in chronological order.

Pending numbered changelists might be renumbered when they are submitted to ensure that submitted changelist numbers are always ascending in chronological order. For example, if changelist A is submitted before changelist B, then changelist B’s number will be higher when it is submitted.

Perforce change list numbers are serial. Once a CL number has been assigned via a submit, only the next number in series will be used.

One way this could happen is that you had pending work in CL 326042 and something in your default and the latest submitted CL is 326041.


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