What is Composer and How to Install Composer?

In my previous article I have explained about the best concept about Laravel in which I mentions what is Laravel and many things about its feature. if you want to…

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What is Laravel? and Its Features.

In this Tutorial we are going to learn about Laravel. But most importantly you have to know about PHP first. If you don’t know about PHP and what is PHP…

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How to configure Sonatype Nexus repository to download maven dependency?

How to configure Sonatype Nexus repository with Maven? Automatic dependencies is one of the powerful feature of Apache maven and its one of the reason Maven is very popular in…

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How to upload the artifacts in Sonatype Nexus using Maven

Step 1 – Install and Configure Nexus Server Step 2 – [Nexus Server] Create a nexus role containing all required access of Nexus. Step 3 – [Nexus Server] Create a…

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How to build jobs in jenkins when a change is pushed to Bitbucket

    Bitbucket plugin is designed to offer integration between Bitbucket and Jenkins.   It exposes a single URI endpoint that you can add as a WebHook within each Bitbucket…

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How to trigger a jenkins job when code is pushed to github using “GitHub hook trigger for GITScm polling”

  The GitHub plugin for Jenkins is the most basic plugin for integrating Jenkins with GitHub projects. If you are a GitHub user, this plugin enables you to:   Schedule…

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How to Trigger builds remotely in Jenkins? | Jenkins Tutorials

  How to Trigger builds remotely in Jenkins?   1. Create a user – You need to create a user in jenkins using you would like to trigger a jenkins…

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Trigger Jenkins Job using “Build periodically” and “Poll SCM”

Method 1 – AT CERTAIN TIME AKA Build periodically Method 2 – AT CERTAIN TIME BUT Build only when there is Code changes AKA Poll SCM Setting up the cron…

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How to install Ansible in Centos 7/RHEL 7?

How to install Ansible in Centos 7/RHEL 7? Install Ansible via Pip in RHEL/CENTOS Facebook Notice for EU! You need to login to view and post FB Comments!

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How to create sample data to perform searches using elastic search?

Step 1 – Go to: http://www.json-generator.com/ Step 2 – Download and save as customers_full.json Step 3 – Open customers_full.json in sublimetext Remove the array brackets Find-Replace },{ with }\n{ in…

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23 Ways To Speed WinXP, Not only Defrag

Since defragging the disk won’t do much to improve Windows XP performance, here are 23 suggestions that will. Each can enhance the performance and reliability of your customers’ PCs. Best…

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How to create a subscribe form for your rss feed

  Create a subscribe form for your rss feed   Joomla Website with K2 Content https://www.templatemonster.com/help/joomla-2-5-x-how-to-set-up-rss-feeds.html   RSS To email using mailchimp https://mailchimp.com/features/rss-to-email/   RSS To email using hubspot https://knowledge.hubspot.com/blog-user-guide-v2/how-to-set-up-an-rss-to-email-blog-subscription-for-an-external-blog…

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How can we do the security analysis using SonarQube?

How can we do the Security Analysys using SonarQube?

For Security Analysy purposes, a source code security analyzer
– examines source code to
– detect and report weaknesses that can lead to security vulnerabilities.

SonarQube Upgrade, Backup and Restore Process | SonarQube Tutorial

SonarQube Upgrade, Backup and Restore Process

Today I will share the steps to upgrade from the SonarQube version 5.X to SonarQube version 6.X. We have upgrade guide which can be found http://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONAR/Upgrading but its not complete guide thus I am sharing the steps as follows which can be followed for the production server as well.  As practice shared on the oficial guide that before upgrading to the next major release, you must upgrade to know LTS e.g

Chef Internal – How Chef maintain the state of each resources internally?

Chef Client A chef-client is an agent that runs locally on every node that is under management by Chef. The chef-client executable can be run as a daemon. When a…

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Tasksel – Easily/Quickly Install Group Softwares in Debian and Ubuntu

Tasksel – Easily/Quickly Install Group Softwares in Debian and Ubuntu If you started out using an RPM-based distro before advancements like “yum” or “apt-rpm”, you’re loving the magic of “apt-get”…

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How to Start and Stop Nagios Core | Nagios Tutorial

Starting Nagios Core Init Script: The easiest way to start the Nagios Core daemon is by using the init script like so: /etc/rc.d/init.d/nagios start Manually: You can start the Nagios…

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Steps to Start-Stop Nagios XI Server | Nagios XI Tutorial

How to start and stop Naxios XI Server? How to stop Naxios XI Server? service nagiosxi stop service npcd stop service ndo2db stop service nagios stop service postgresql stop service…

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Step by step procedures to Install Nagios XI Server in Centos 7

Step by step procedures to Install Nagios XI Server in Centos 7 #Update your centos os > yum install update > yum install wget # to install network utility e.g….

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