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How to downgrade npm version?

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How to downgrade npm version?


Error Explanation :- My project which is made earlier, uses the older version of node but now i m cloning my project after many months and i installed node’s latest version and my npm is creating this issue. i m not able to install npm in my projects.

Solution:- So i check my node version but that is correct and then the npm version which is the highest version and my projects required lesser version. so, i m giving some steps below which i have taken.

Step 1:- Check your current version and see which is required version of your project. commands are:-

Node Version check :-> node -v
Npm Version check :-> npm -v

Step 2:- Downgrade your npm version. Commands are:-

npm install -g npm@6.14.17

Step 3:- now install npm in your project. commands are:-

npm install

If you want to download the node version which is required then you can have a look on this website. all the node version are present here :-

Download :- https://www.npackd.org/p/org.nodejs.NodeJS64

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