How to Fix MySql port 3306 already in use Error/another instance already running.

There are two types of errors  which occur in MySql are as follows:-

  1. Another instance is already running:- This error occurs when MySql has been installed by you in command-line (cmd) before installing XAMPP server.
    ▪Open cmd and run as administrator
    ▪So, type this in command-line (cmd ) = “sc delete mysql”
    ▪It will show you that running instance has deleted succesfully.

2. MySql port 3306 already in use error:-
Often , this error occurs when  XAMPP or MAMP is used for  configuring to start MySQL and PHP on system startup and by default MySQL uses port 3306.
We have to change this port from old to new one like this :-
▪Firstly you have to open XAMPP Control Panel.
▪Just click MySql config button->click my.ini file
▪It will open in Notepad , after that u have to find and change port no from 3306 to 3307 in two places
▪ Save it. 

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