How to promote Youtube channel on Instagram?

Once you have determined that Instagram is one of the ways to promote your video, then there are some easy ways to improve your reach and ultimately get more subscribers.

There are ways to promote your youtube channel on Instagram:

  1. Use Hashtags: Do not use any old hashtags, but use trending or consistently popular hashtags that are also relevant to your video. Using hashtags that are relevant to your audience is key.

Just because a hashtag is popular or trending, it does not mean that people click on it or find it on their own, it simply means that it gets used a lot.

2. Share Unique Content: Make sure that the content you are uploading to Instagram is not the same as what you are sharing elsewhere.

There are two reasons for this suggestion:
a. Your followers are following you on many different channels and do not want to see the same content everywhere.

b. Instagram is unique in its own right: it is visual, articulate, immediate, instant, and has its own optimal shape.

Every social media channel has its own best practices, so make sure your content is working to get the most out of them.

3. Interact With Your Followers: Social media is not designed for communication in a way, it is meant to allow for interaction. Instead of uploading photos and forgetting about it, constantly visit your content, and engage with your comments.

If you are interacting with them you will find that people are very receptive to you. Make sure you @ tag the user, so they know you’ve responded to them, answer questions, and ask your own to keep the conversations flowing.

4. Find DM groups: Direct Message Groups or DM Groups are a closed list of members who post content in an exclusive article. When you post new content, you send a message to the group so that people can comment and like the video.

5. Include Your Channel Details : You could do all of the above and have an amazing Instagram account, but if you haven’t told your followers about your YouTube channel or made it easy for them to find you, then it has all been for nothing.

When you upload a new one, don’t forget to tell your followers in your comments, sneak peek into upcoming videos, give them exclusive content, use your channel name constantly and make sure your channel gets added to your profile has happened.