How to remove YouTube add in one click!

YouTube is a massive platform that features a truly staggering amount of online video content. Whatever type of entertainment you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a decent supply on YouTube. Those so-called free videos come with a cost though, and it comes in the form of advertisements.

YouTube is plastered with banner ads that clog up the site, pre-roll ads that play before videos, mid-roll ads that play during longer videos. Often these ads interfere with or compete for your attention while watching.

Is Blocking Ads on YouTube Legal?

Blocking ads on YouTube, or ads on any other site on the Internet isn’t illegal. Website developers are able to detect when a browser has an ad blocker installed, and implement countermeasures like blocking out content. Most sites don’t do this because it results in a very poor user experience.

The main argument against blocking ads on YouTube is that some content creators rely on ad revenues to support the creation of more content. When viewers block ads on YouTube, the creators don’t get paid, which may result in less enjoyable content down the road. However, there is no law that says you absolutely have to sit through an unskippable three-minute pre-roll ad before every video you watch.

How to Block Ads on YouTube in Chrome and Firefox.

There is a extension called YouTube Enhancer, You can easily add to your chrome or Firefox extension .

Just download it and Add it to your Chrome or Firefox extension and Enable it . From now every-time you get a ad just click on remove add button which you can find below your YouTube video or on the top of the Task-bar.

You can Download it from here. Click Here

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