What is API, clear the Concept.


In this article we will understand what is API.

You might heard this word in web development but still most of the peoples conneot understant what is API in this Article i will explain what is API in very simple way so le’t we study and understand what is API

Well API is an acronym for application programming interface if you search for the definition of API you will find this definition.

An application programming interface is a set of functions procedures methods are classes used by computer programs to request services from operating system software libraries or any other services provider printing on the computer

Now actually this definition is overwhelming we need to find a way to understand what is API using order definition so let’s put this definition is very simple words I hope you understand API using this definition application programming interface is a software intermediary that allows to application to talk each other each time you use an app like Facebook same instance message or check the weather on your phone you are using an API key but still we didn’t understand what is API now just wait a minute if you take this definition to understand API then it is hard to understand for most of the weakness then what is the best way to understand what is API well don’t worry I will help you to understand this definition so we can understand API using a simple example I hope you won’t need to watch other tutorials to understand board is API after this tutorial now

let’s take a look at this example now let’s say you want to book an airline ticket online and you want to find the best website to book tickets and you choose you favorite fun now did you notice you can book the same airline ticket from many web sites and so on then how this website did that the answer is using API they share the same functionality procedure and methods they use the same classes and methods to know to a reserved seat on the airplane they have access to the airplane API to know booking information and book ticket for us now let us take another example of API

not let’s say you’re creating an application and you want the Google login feature to appear in the application then what will you do you can use Google API using the API key you can access the Google API and create a login system for your application the API key is for security to create a secure session Google provides API key API keys are used to track and control how the API is being used for example to prevent malicious use or abuse of API using API key you can do a different kind of operation this like finding the existing user on the Google login to the Google account and so on so basically using API you can use functionality provided by the API services these services share the code with us so we can run it the whole world is using API to create an application and what about you I hope you understand what is API if you have a question you can ask in the comment section