Laravel – select dropdowns that filter results in a table ‘on change’

I am working on an application that is kind of an eCommerce application that have a table of product and I want to add a filter that shows the products accordingly like, Product Category, price range, etc, and for that, I’m using a drop-down selector to filter the data and show it – without the user having to click on a submit button – and the results to be displayed automatically to the page. But I cannot seem to find a way to pass the “id”

the parameter to the laravel route (contained in the form action), which saves the option that the user chooses in the select dropdown.

I figure out that it’s possible if we use an ajax call to the database and show results according to the selected id, and also we can edit delete the products using same process of calling the product id,

This is my code uses JQuery to submit the form on menu change. Index.php

This is my routes file: // web.php (routes)

Route::get('/tours-dropdown/{id}', ['as' => 'bookings.toursDropDown', 'uses' => 'BookingsController@toursDropDownData']);

This is the file that runs the query and returns a result set to the view: //ProductController.php