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How to setup Docker repository in Artifactory and push/pull images?

Step 1 – Setup Artifactory using Docker way

Follow this instructions…

Step 2 – Create a docker repo
Create a repo & “Docker Access Method” == Repository Path && Save it

Example of docker push or pull and login commands:
docker pull / push<REPOSITORY_KEY>/<IMAGE>:<TAG>
docker login -u <USER_NAME> -p <USER_PASSWORD>

Step 3 – Convert https to https using

Convert https to https using
“insecure-registries” : [“”]

Step 4 – Login to Artifactory registory
$ docker login -u admin -p password

Step 5 – Push the docker image to Artifactory registory
$ docker tag imagename<REPOSITORY_KEY>/<IMAGE>:<TAG>
$ docker push<REPOSITORY_KEY>/<IMAGE>:<TAG>

i.e docker pull

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