How to setup Docker repository in Artifactory and push/pull images?

Step 1 – Setup Artifactory using Docker way Follow this instructions… Setup Artifactory pro 6.1.0 using Docker containtainer Step 2…

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What is Enable signed push support in Gerrit?

This options Defaults to false. This ensure When a client pushes with git push –signed, this ensures that the push…

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How to build when a change is pushed to Bitbucket

  Bitbucket plugin is designed to offer integration between Bitbucket and Jenkins.   It exposes a single URI endpoint that…

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How to build when a change is pushed to GitHub in Jenkins?

The GitHub plugin for Jenkins is the most basic plugin for integrating Jenkins with GitHub projects. If you are a…

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How to Run/Deploy Java EE applications on Amazon EC2?

Running Java EE applications on Amazon EC2: deploying to 20 machines with no money down Computer hardware has traditionally been…

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