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Is there a tool to find out whether the installation of Install Anywhere is licensed or not?

I ran the exe: InstallAnywhere.exe and clicked About -> Preferences -> Registration tab. On that screen it shows registered but there is no option to change license or find out which license is in use currently. We have a couple of licenses of Install Anywhere and I was trying to find out which one am I using.
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There are several things you should know about IA licensing mechanism. The older initial mechanism is per user based (i.e. the license number is associated to a named developer to be used on a single machine). Therefore, whenever you entered your IA registration number you had to enter extensive information (name address company etc.) that would have to match the existing information they had. A newer option that I’m not familiar with (i.e. we don’t use it, but I know it exists) in newer version is to have a licensing server (I guess (but this is my own personal assumption, I might as well be wrong! :=) that they make use of FlexNet Publisher technology Macrovision acquired… in which your company buys a pool of licenses and you point your IA installation to a license server…

So back to your issue, in the registration tab you should have your name (or the name of the person that has registered the software) (you need to maybe pass a transfer process if the license has been acquired for a former developer, for instance) so that should give a clue on what license it is used (thus coupled with the serial number that is displayed in the splash screen).

Also, as when registering your IA copy, information is sent to Flexera Software, they have this information: if you don’t have an account on you may request one, and in your account you should see the licenses you’re using (the license number changes between versions too!)
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