Installing JBoss as a service

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I’m evaluating the Advanced Installer product, and I’m trying to create a simple installer that will install jboss as a service. I added the unzipped jboss distribution to the “Files and Folders”, created an entry under “Java Products” to create an executable to launch Jboss, and created an entry under “Services to Install” to install it as a service. After verifying that the correct Windows account is selected to start the service and the correct permissions are assigned to the product installation directory, I receive an error saying that the service didn’t respond within the timeout of 30000 ms. No jboss log files are generated, and I’m not sure how to get additional debugging information. If I double click the .exe that is generated for the “Java Product”, it doesn’t seem to take any action (although I do believe it is launching the jvm since I initially received some errors due to memory configuration that I was able to correct). I’m evaluating Advanced Installer to see if we can get off the old InstallShield X that we’re currently using which relies on JavaService.exe to install jboss as a service. This works fine and I’m guessing this might be an alternative way of installing jboss as a service using Advanced Installer custom actions, but I was really hoping to use the “Java Products” and “Services” to do this so that I can take advantage of the Advanced Installer features to start/stop services. If anyone has successfully created an installer to install jboss as a service, I’d appreciate some help (or a sample project if available).

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On the Java Products page, select your java product, go to Settings tab and make sure “Win32 Service” is selected in the “Type” field under the “Application” group.

Please let me know how this worked for you.

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