Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answer Part – 2

  1. How you will link when the docker containers is in different virtual machine is there any configuration in docker compose file are any command or any variable?
  2. What you will do if one master got corrupted, can we create multiple masters?
  3. What you will do in case any pod deleted?
  4. What is namespaces in kubernetes can you tell me some?
  5. Can you tell me some commands using in kubernetes ?
  6. Tell me the command to create cluster?
  7. Difference between rc and rs?
  8. What is kubernetes?
  9. What is the difference between kubctl & kops?
  10. Why you are using kubectl can you explin why we are using ?
  11. Why we using kops?
  12. What is the difference between docker cloud and docker swarm?
  13. How to attach a volume in cluster at some time the container will be deleted then rs will re-create new container then how to attach that container automatically and how to restore the volume automatically to re-created container?
  14. How many projects you used kubernetes?
  15. N number of docker containers deployed to different vms how will you manage there is no kubernetes installed?
  16. If installed kubernetes how you will deploy this containers into kubernetes cluster?
  17. Can you tell me the command for creating kubernetes cluster in vm?
  18. How many nodes we required to create kubernetes cluster?
  19. We have nearly 15 nodes in my organization all are decentralized so which node I need to create as a master? Is their any possibility to make all the machines as masters?
  20. Our applications are decentralized I don’t want distributed environment if any thing happens to the master all will collapse , can we create multiple masters?
  21. What is the difference between kubectl and minikube?
  22. If any container down in my cluster how you will rectify?
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