swatinikam2009 created the topic: Maven
Hi ,

I am trying to run java code. I have set the environment correctly. Also created MAVEN_HOME variable and added it to path varibale.
But still i am getting error message saying “count not find or load main class App”.

What to do?

rajeshkumar replied the topic: Maven
Check with your java file main method or maven directory structure.

Rajesh Kumar
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swatinikam2009 replied the topic: Maven
Hi Rajesh,

I have done all the settings proprly but still getting the error.

So I tried to run code by followinf cmd.

c:\MavenDemos\MyPro > java -cp target/classes com.acc.App

And then it is showing me output.

Can you please tell me. Where i am doing wrong?

swatinikam2009 replied the topic: Maven
Contiued with the above query.

I have done one change. And then it is working fine . No need to use c:\MavenDemos\MyPro>java -cp target/classes com.acc.App

I have removed CLASSPATH variable from user variable in Env. variables.

Then it is working fine. so now i just type c:\MavenDemos\MyPro\target\classes>java com.acc.App

Rajesh Kumar
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