Move Wps Installation To Another Server

msiexpert created the topic: Move WPS installation to another server
We need to move our WPS installation to another server. The database is running on a different server that is not being touched. Is there a ‘Best Practice/How To’ out there, or does anyone have any experience doing this?

applicationPackaging replied the topic: Re: Move WPS installation to another server
Can I check whether your sharepoint is moving to the new server as well?
Are you preserving the old server name for the new server? Doing this avoids any issues with embedded UNC addresses in the sharepoint.
Ensure you have working backups for the SQL server and the sharepoint.
Start by copying the sharepoint to the new server, then install WPS from scratch and run repository manager to ensure that WPS is talking to the database correctly.
Then open an existing project and check if any errors are reported.
There are a few INI files in the sharepoint, if I recall correctly, and it’s worth checking them for any hard coded UNC addresses if your new server name is different.

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I agree with you. Your points of view make me thinking about some thing for my project.

I also find more materials that may be useful for you: WPS interview questions

Pls try to keep posting. Tks and best regards
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