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MSBuild 4.0 Basics

This module introduces MSBuild, including what it does, how it works, and how to use it.

  •  What is MSBuild
  •  Sample project files
  •  Solutions vs. projects
  •  Targets and Tasks
  •  Properties and Items
  •  Editing projects with Visual Studio 2010


This module introduces the many ways you can customize and extend MSBuild.

  •  Build Events
  •  Custom build steps
  •  Custom build tools
  •  Custom buld targets
  •  Custom build tasks
  •  MSBuild extension pack


This module provides the student with many tools and tricks to be used when troubleshooting a slow or otherwise misbehaving build.

  •  Logging
  •  Logging verbosity
  •  Console logger
  •  File logger
  •  Custom loggers
  •  Handling errors
  •  Debugging MSBuild using Visual Studio
  •  Debugging MSBuild using MSBuild Sidekick by Attrice
  •  Debugging tasks and loggers
  •  Troubleshooting multiple import issues
  •  Troubleshooting performance issues
  •  Troubleshooting incremental build issues
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