What is the average salary of an AWS solutions architect associate?

Friends, today I am going to let you about the salary of the AWS position. Below you can see the average salary of AWS Solution Architect Positions in India and…

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Complete guide of OpenShift certification courses, tutorials & training

What is OpenShift? Containerization make possible for IT organizations to become more agile and scalable, which help them to become more efficient in application development. If we believe on Gartner’s…

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What is Rancher and How to learn Rancher?

What is Rancher? Rancher is an open source platform for Kubernetes Management. It makes it really simple to create clusters, manage multiple Kubernetes clusters and gives a nice user interface…

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What is Traefik & How to Learn Traefik?

We are excited to publish our new Traefik Course which will help you to learn and start quickly configuring and deploying your workload to Traefik. This full in-depth Traefik training…

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LinkerD – What, Why, Benefits, and Differences With Istio?

What is Linkerd? Linkerd is an open source service mesh counted as the lightest and fastest service mesh developed to be deployed into a variety of container schedulers and frameworks…

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What is Azure DevOps and How does work?

What is Azure DevOps? Azure DevOps is a mixture of the simplest of technology and therefore the application of best practices. We can say, It is the Next Big thing…

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DevOps Training Online – Class Recordings – January 2020

Dear Participants, Here are the consolidated URLs of DevOps training videos/class recordings/tutorials AWS Video Tutorial – January 2020 – (PDF – Notes) Docker Video Tutorial – January 2020 Part –…

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List of best institutes in Hyderabad for DevOps training

As Hyderabad is one of the most popular IT city in India and in the world now. Therefore a large number of IT professionals from every corner of the world…

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What is Linux? Which is the Best Source of Linux Training and Certification?

Hi Friends, If you are looking for a Career in Linux but you are not very sure if it’s the right decision, then you have landed in the right place….

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How to get the best DevOps Training and Certification in India?

In this article, I’m going to describe Best DevOps Training and Certification In India. There are multiple IT institutes in India. DevOpsSchool is the best training institute to choose if…

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DevOps Training – Class Recordings/Tutorials – November 2019

AWS Session – Class recording – Tutorials Docker Session – Class recording – Tutorials Jira Session – Class recording – Tutorials Git Session – Class recording – Tutorials SonarQube Session…

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Build and Release Training online

Upcoming Training Dates | Training Agenda | Training Calender | FAQ | Why scmGalaxy Online Training Training Duration – 30 Days (90 mins each day) Mode – Online (Webex | Skype | Gotomeeting) Email – Mode of Payment –…

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Platforms where you can find DevOps, Trainers, Coach, Training and Instructors easily

If you are related with Software industry or if you are in IT, you must heard about the word “DevOps”. It is a small word which consist the whole process…

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How DevOps course is enhancing the capability of software development?

How DevOps course is enhancing the capability of software development? Software Industry in these days adopting a new practice called “DevOps”. This word change the process of software development in…

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Best DevOps Training Institutes in Hyderabad | scmGalaxy

We have great participation from students from Hyderabad and People based out in USA for our DevOps Training. Feature of the DevOps Training by us – Enroll once and Benefit…

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Puppet Training | Puppet Course | Agenda | scmGalaxy

The basic course program is outlined here The Basics Introduction To Configuration Management About The Author Why Puppet? How To Access Your Working Files The Puppet Infrastructure uppet Agents Puppet…

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Chef Training | Chef Course | Online | Classroom | scmGalaxy

ScmGalaxy is the best contributor to Chef Courses, training, and certification. Our Chef Trainers and advisers are highly equipped with more than 15 years of rich experience in the Software…

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DevOps Training | DevOps Course | Online | Classroom | scmGalaxy

About the DevOps Course DevOps integrates devlopers and operation teams in order to improve collobration and productivity by automation infrastrcure, automationg workflows and continously application performance. DevOps helps You deliver…

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Build and Release Engineer Training | Build and Release Engineer Course | scmGalaxy

About the Build and Release Course Build and Release integrates devlopers and operation teams in order to improve collobration and productivity by automation infrastrcure, automationg workflows and continously application performance….

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Advantage of Online Training at scmGalaxy | DevOps Training Online | Build and Release Training

Convenient and Easy The Internet provides online training participants with easy and convenient access. Open an Internet browser and employees are up and running quickly. Less “What should be done”,…

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