List of Top 50 LinkedIn Grops for Devops– Cloud – Containers Technology

DevOps at Scale DevOps Kanban Terraform Users DevOps -AIOps (Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, Microservices, Serverless, Blockchain, ML/AI ) Discussions [Puppet /…

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List of Top 50 Facebook Groups for Devops– Cloud – Containers Technology

DevOps School DevOps Bangalore Telugu technology IoT, Machine Learning/AI, DevOps, Data Science training by Collabera TACT DevOps Online Training AWS…

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List of best 51 Facebook Groups/Community for DevOps – Cloud – Containers Technology, DevOps Engineers, and Software Engineers

Hi, this is Ashwani, In this Blog, I going to share you something related to List of best 51 Facebook…

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DevOps Explained: Benefits and Top 10 DevOps Tools of 2020

Benefits and Top 10 DevOps Tools of 2020 Here i’m going to explore major benefits of top 10 DevOps tools….

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DevOps Training Online – Class Recordings – January 2020

Dear Participants, Here are the consolidated URLs of DevOps training videos/class recordings/tutorials AWS Video Tutorial – January 2020 – (PDF…

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Top 10 best DevOps Tools and Certification to Utilize In 2019 – 2020.

Here, I am going to tell you about Top 10 best DevOps Tools and Certification to Utilize In 2019 –…

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How to get the best DevOps Training and Certification in India?

In this article, I’m going to describe Best DevOps Training and Certification In India. There are multiple IT institutes in…

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What is DevOps? Which is the best institute for DevOps training and Certification Course?

Hi Friends, Here I am going to let you know about DevOps, DevOps Certification Course, DevOps Online and Classroom Training….

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DevOps Training – Class Recordings/Tutorials – November 2019

AWS Session – Class recording – Tutorials Docker Session – Class recording – Tutorials Jira Session – Class recording –…

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How Can a fresher start their Career as a DevOps engineer?

This is one of the most commonly asked question these days by IT freshers or college graduates that “A fresher…

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Understanding a world of DevOps from Richard Seroter

Introduction and Goals Hi, my name is Richard Seroter and welcome to this course on DevOps. We’re going to be…

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Is there any certification for DevOps? | scmGalaxy

Source: Q1. Is there any certification for DevOps? Ans. As you inquired about “Certification for DevOps”. So, let me inform you…

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Checklist for Validating A DevOps Architecture

Source – Author – Ali Hussain Checklist: Validate DevOps Architecture Understand business needs An organization moving to the cloud truly…

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How DevOps can play important role in System Administrator’s career ?

DevOps is merging the path between Developers and Operations teams. It’s all about the agility and automation. Servers, in DevOps…

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DevOps Role for Operations Team

First of all, we should know what Operations Team does. So, I will start with responsibilities of operations team and…

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Why DevOps skill is very important to have?

In the event that association has worked with a spry web advancement philosophy, then they are accustomed to seeing the…

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Common Problems in DevOps | DevOps Adoption Challenges

As 2017 has started, this the time everyone has tied up there shoes for the New Challenges that already has…

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How DevOps is enhancing the capability of software development?

We all know that DevOps is an established relationship stage between development phase and IT Operations. It is vital that…

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DevOps Certification Myths | Go for Tools Certification | scmGalaxy

The First thing is that devopsinstitute is only focusing on to do business anyhow. When you will explore their site…

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How can you become a successful DevOps Engineer ?

These days in software industry one word is high in trend and that is “DevOps”. Industry experts define DevOps either…

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Why organization should enhance DevOps skills of their employee?

It’s not shocking that a lot of organizations struggle when it comes to DevOps execution. DevOps is a new conception…

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How DevOps course is enhancing the capability of software development?

How DevOps course is enhancing the capability of software development? Software Industry in these days adopting a new practice called…

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Visualization in DevOps | scmGalaxy

Virtual Machine Manager Vagrant Operating-System-level virtualization & Container Docker Cloud Computing Platforms AWS Azure Google Cloud Vmware Cloud

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