Roles & Responsibilities in DataOps?



According to Gartner, DataOps is a collaborative data management practice focused on improving the communication, integration and automation of data flows between data managers and data consumers across an organization.

The main goal of DataOps is to quickly deliver business value from data.

DataOps was introduced by Lenny Liebmann

The term DataOps was made famous by “Andy Palmer of Tamr and Steph Locke‘.

Benefits of DataOps

Origin & Evolution of DataOps -
Benefits of DataOps
  • Continuous software delivery.
  • Less complexity to manage.
  • Faster resolution of problems.
  • Happier, more productive teams.
  • Higher employee engagement.
  • Greater professional development opportunities.

Roles & Responsibilities in DataOps

  • Data specialists, who support the data landscape and development best practices.
  • Data engineers, who provide ad hoc and system support to BI, analytics, and business applications.
  • Principal data engineers, who are developers working on product and customer-facing deliverables.

DataOps utilizes many of the same data roles in place within your organization, including data analysts, data scientists, engineers, architects, and developers.

The Development team is guide by engineers, architects, and developers. The Operations side contain analysts, scientists, the production infrastructure team, monitoring, and end-users or customers.

What is DataOps and Why we need it? -

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