Java Installation Guide in Linux & Windows

Download and Install JDK/JRE 7 in Centos & RHEL Download and Install JDK/JRE 8 in Centos & RHEL Download and Install JDK/JRE 9 in Centos & RHEL Download and Install…

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Installation and Configuration Guide: Bamboo

System requirements & considerations Java: Database: Installing Bamboo on Linux Facebook Notice for EU! You need to login to view and post FB Comments!

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Trigger Jenkins Job using “Build periodically” and “Poll SCM”

Method 1 – AT CERTAIN TIME AKA Build periodically Method 2 – AT CERTAIN TIME BUT Build only when there is Code changes AKA Poll SCM Setting up the cron…

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Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS displays “There is 1 zombie process” upon login

To Check the zombie process run below command and Then kill the parent process 👉 For more details read below tutorial on this topic: Click Here Facebook Notice for EU!…

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Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) – Simply Explained

SDLC stands for Software Development Life-cycle and it is a process through which any software or applications goes underway in certain procedures and in the end, we get that in…

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How to Register and prepare for the Jenkins Certification? – 2020

What is Jenkins? Jenkins is one of the most popular DevOps tool for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).  It plays an important role in automating the software development process…

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Laravel Social Login using Socialite

Installations—- (laravel 5.5) composer require laravel/socialite “^3.2.0” configuration—–(config/services.php) ‘facebook’ => [ ‘client_id’ => env(‘facebook_CLIENT_ID’), // Your facebook Client ID ‘client_secret’ => env(‘facebook_CLIENT_SECRET’), // Your facebook Client Secret ‘redirect’ => ‘http://your-callback-url’,…

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Elastic Search Error – max file descriptors [4096] for elasticsearch process is too low, increase to at least [65535]

Elastic Search Error – max file descriptors [4096] for elasticsearch process is too low, increase to at least [65535] Solution Temporary to the current login session To set ulimit value…

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Understading Octopus Deploy Backup and restore process

Your Master Key When an Octopus Server is installed, we generate a special key used for encryption, called the master key. The master key is then encrypted asymmetrically, using DPAPI,…

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uDeploy Application processes Steps Explained!!!

Application processes, like component processes, are created with the process editor. UDeploy provides several common process steps. Also, application processes are assembled from processes that are defined for their associated…

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The Four Basic Requirements for an SCM

Identification, control, audit, and status accounting are the four basic requirements for a software configuration management system. These requirements must be satisfied regardless of the amount of automation within the…

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SonarQube Upgrade, Backup and Restore Process | SonarQube Tutorial

SonarQube Upgrade, Backup and Restore Process

Today I will share the steps to upgrade from the SonarQube version 5.X to SonarQube version 6.X. We have upgrade guide which can be found but its not complete guide thus I am sharing the steps as follows which can be followed for the production server as well.  As practice shared on the oficial guide that before upgrading to the next major release, you must upgrade to know LTS e.g

How DevOps is enhancing the capability of software development?

We all know that DevOps is an established relationship stage between development phase and IT Operations. It is vital that collaboration and communication between the two units are promoted from…

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How DevOps course is enhancing the capability of software development?

How DevOps course is enhancing the capability of software development? Software Industry in these days adopting a new practice called “DevOps”. This word change the process of software development in…

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Configure the Knife Command – Chef

We now have to configure the knife command. This command is the central way of communicating with our server and the nodes that we will be configuring. We need to tell it…

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How to Setup Puppet Learning VM – Complete Process/Guide

Download the VM(Zip File here)   Minimum requirements Internet-enabled Windows, OS X, or Linux computer with 10GB free space and a VT-x/AMD-V enabled processor. Up to date virtualization software….

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How to Install Jenkins using Docker | Step by step guide | scmGalaxy

Step 1: Installing Docker [code] $ apt-get install docker (Ubuntu) $ yum install docker  (RHEL/CENTOS) [/code] For more info, please following this Step 2:  First, pull the official jenkins…

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How to Install Docker in Linux?

How to Install Docker in Linux? Note – You should install Docker using root or with sudo access. Install Docker on Ubantu  # apt-get update # apt-get install -y…

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How to install Atlassian Jira using Docker?

Install Atlassian Jira using Docker Download and Run the jira latest: # docker run –detach –publish 8080:8080 cptactionhank/atlassian-jira:latest Then simply navigate your preferred browser to http://[dockerhost]:8080 and finish the configuration. Notes:…

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