DevOps Certification Explained – Don’t get trapped!!

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One question which in different ways I am getting all the time from the DevOps aspirants is:

  • What about DevOps Certification?
  • Which Certification I will get it?
  • What kind of DevOps Certificate your institute will provide?
  • Do you provide official DevOps Certification?
  • What will be the charges of official DevOps certification?

Let us debunk all these questions today.

To understand DevOps certification you must need to understand DevOps first, What is DevOp, its history and the way it has evolved over time.

The basic structure of the software development process used to be like write the code, test it, then debugging, and later deployment. This use to be present almost every time.

  • Developers use to focus on development and hustle hard to add as many features as they can develop.
  • QA teams use to be stressed and working around flaws and making things work out.
  • System admins or infra team have their own woes of keeping the whole thing up and running smoothly at all times.

Everything used to work fine until some issues or bugs is found in the piece of code. The apparently smooth cycle use to turn disordered with questions like who would fix the piece of code and how much time it will take and when things will be back on track. Furthermore, as the number of new releases introduced or deploy, the whole process used to turn catastrophic. Everyone used to started the blame game from developers to system admins, think that it must be the other department who started the whole mess. So, in such a workflow with bugs that are still unresolved new features are scheduled to be released, the process would surely go out of hand and become messy.

However, Agile models were introduced in the process but still, problems were not solved completely.

Then the two engineers were very much concerned about the complexities of the software development process used to face and wanted to come up with something better. DevOps first started as a discussion between Andrew Clay and Patrick Debois in 2008. The discussion slowly started to circulate after the DevOpsDays event held in Belgium in the year 2009 and it became quite a catchphrase. It caught up momentum, was noticed by various organizations, and has taken a completely different form over the years.

This image from TechTarget will help you to understand the DevOps history over the year:-

What started as a discussion in local meet-ups, events, forums – now becomes a major change in the software industry.

It was simply started from the collaboration of developers and operations leaders sitting together to express their ideas and concerns about the traditional process and how to best get work accomplished.

DevOps is something where each stakeholder of both team Developer and Operations and can say not only Dev and Ops team but every person of each team of the organization are involved – they work in collaboration, complementing each other’s skills, share responsibilities and work together to accomplish the common goals.

With the help of Circle CI Blog – we can not find a better definition of DevOps

The important point here is, Andrew Clay and Patrick Debois never claimed that they have invented the DevOps concept, because it evolved over the period of time with a continuous discussion amongst like-minded people and as it is not created by any particular organization or a body, or by one individual – no one really owns it, therefore there nothing like any certification authority exists for DevOps.

So definitely the answers to the above-mentioned questions would be: there are no authentic or sole certification body that exist for DevOps, and if someone saying that they offer official Certification for DevOps, you should be very very careful – Don’t get trapped!!

In DevOps concept, every stakeholder use many toolsets for collaboration across the team and to automate their tasks.

So, based on what toolsets an Organization has implemented or commonly used toolsets you can choose to get certified in.

Based on the current industry trends you can go for the following toolsets certification for DevOps:-

  • Platform – Cloud – AWS SAA/ AWS Sysops
  • Platform – Containers – Docker Certified Associate (DCA)
  • Planning and Designing – Jira & Confluence
  • Configuration & Deployment Management – Ansible Certification (Redhat Certified Specialist in Ansible)
  • Container Orchestration – Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA)
  • Infrastructure Coding – Terraform Associate Certificate
  • Continuous Integration – Certified Jenkins Engineer
  • Infrastructure Monitoring Tool 2 – Prometheus with Grafana
  • Splunk Admin – ELK stake – Splunk SIEM

Finally, claim certification or not, what really matters is the skillsets and able to demonstrate and execute your expertise. So focus on the knowledge, and don’t run very much after certifications unless it’s going to add some real value. Lots of people in the industry do not have certificates but still, they are working as DevOps experts and trainers.

You may go through this link which may help you to chart out your DevOps journey:- https://devopsschool.com/path/

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