Multiple Language Support?

msiexpert created the topic: Multiple Language Support?
Does it support multiple languages based on machine’s locale?

For example I want to display license agreement, button texts based on Windows’ language setting, I prefer some way like resources for different languages and your setup can load corresponding resource by OS language?

How about Unicode support?

applicationPackaging replied the topic: Re: Multiple Language Support?
DreamShield can be used with different languages. At the present moment there’s two languages included : it’s French and English. So when you compile a standard installation the installer select de langage corresponding to the current OS but keep the possibility of the user to make a choice ie. the default language in an English OS will be English and the default language of a French OS will be French and so on. You can alter this behavior in the entry “Installer languages” in the project explorer and this will affect the texts employed in the UI. You can customize available languages and there are in .ResX files into the installation folder of DreamShield, under the subfolder “Installer languages”.

For the license, it’s different because i haven’t do anything to allow this sort of change at runtime. But i’ll investigate a way of making this possible and give it via an update. Is this problem critical from your point ?

Finally, DreamShield is written in C# and the Framework .NET is fully unicode compliant so there should be not trouble playing with unicode characters in DreamShield.

msiexpert replied the topic: Re: Multiple Language Support?
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This is what I saw from a non-English OS…

applicationPackaging replied the topic: Re: Multiple Language Support?
Yes there is a transparency issue with the original 0.97 version on OS previous to XP or when themes are disabled. But try to apply every single update available to DreamShield (by checking the update by the specific menu of the start page of DreamShield) and making a setup. It should be corrected. The corresponding message in DreamShield’s forum was that one :…e-p-infobox-anglais/ (and it’s fixed with Abys RC2 update).

For the translation, normally every texts corresponding the actions or project editing is correctly translated isn’t ? For the rest (like the rss feeds displayed in the start page of DreamShield IDE i haven’t created yet an english version of it). But for the documentation, you can use the automatic translation provided by google by that link :…l=en&history_state0=

msiexpert replied the topic: Re: Multiple Language Support?
I mean when I installed your application and started to use it on a Non-English WIndows XP SP3, it asked me language at first, I selected English. After applciation restarted I still saw quite a lot of French in the IDE.

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