Newbie issue with custom input

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I am running WiX version 3.0.5419.0.

I am building an installer for a program that transforms data. The program reads data from an input directory and writes the transformed data to an output directory. I want the user to be able to specify the input and output directory during the installation process and have the installer save the values to the registry.

I created an msi installer using WiX. It uses a modified version of the WixUI_InstallDir that includes an additional configuration dialog with PathEdit controls to accept the user defined values. When I run my installer I get the following error before my custom configuration dialog opens up:

DEBUG: Error 2343: Specified path is empty.

Here is the code I use to handle the user provided input directory (the output directory code is very similar):

I have a Component for the input directory registry entry that references a UI_CONFIG_INPUT_DIR property that holds the user defined entry:

In my feature I reference the InputDirectory Component:

The UI_CONFIG_INPUT_DIR is defined and set to a default value of C:\\:

In my custom version of the WixUI_InstallDir I have the following Publish commands to handle the user input from a ConfigureDlg dialog I created (see


The ConfigureDlg includes a PathEdit Control to accept the user input:


Thanks in advance for any help,

Rajesh Kumar
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