Newbie issue with custom input

applicationPackaging created the topic: Newbie issue with custom input I am running WiX version 3.0.5419.0. I am building an installer…

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List of Top 10 Bugs and Issue Tracking Tools for Managing Project

Introduction In the Software Development Life Cycle tracking and finding bugs is one of the most important step. Without this…

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Source code analysis tools: Evaluation criteria

Source code analysis tools: Evaluation criteria Support¬†for the programming languages you use. Some companies support mobile devices, while others concentrate…

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issue Management in Maven

issueManagement Information about the issue tracking (or bug tracking) system used to manage this project. Element Description system The name…

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Issues Compiling VS2010 solutions (with web projects) from Nant | MSB4064 error

Recently I upgraded a project of mine (the Dimecasts code base) to use VisualStudio 2010.¬† In the process everything worked…

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List of Free Issue Tracking / Bug Tracking System

An issue tracking system (also called trouble ticket system or incident ticket system) is a computer software package that manages…

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