Oracle RAC Web References & Cheatsheet



Check CRS Status

Check Clusterware Resources

Stopping the Oracle Clusterware Stack on the Local Server

Stop Oracle Clusterware stack on all servers in the cluster

Starting the Oracle Clusterware Stack on the Local Server

Start Oracle Clusterware stack on all servers in the cluster

Check Cluster Nodes

Confirming Oracle ASM Function for Oracle Clusterware Files

If you installed the OCR and voting disk files on Oracle ASM, then use the following command syntax as the Grid Infrastructure installation owner to confirm that your Oracle ASM installation is running:

Check Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR)

Check Voting Disk

Check Status Oracle Enterprise Manager

Start Oracle Enterprise Manager

Stop Oracle Enterprise Manager

All Oracle Instances – (Database Status)

Single Oracle Instance – (Status of Specific Instance)

Start/Stop All Instances with SRVCTL

Node Applications – (Status)

Node Applications – (Configuration)

List all Configured Databases

Database – (Configuration)

ASM – (Status)

ASM – (Configuration)

TNS listener – (Status)

SCAN – (Status)

SCAN – (Configuration)

VIP – (Status of Specific Node)

VIP – (Configuration of Specific Node)

Configuration for Node Applications – (VIP, GSD, ONS, Listener)

Verifying Clock Synchronization across the Cluster Nodes

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