Gist Markdown Cheatsheet & Tutorials with Example

If you prefer to have a markdown cheat sheet that is downloadable as image or PDF, please visit CollectiveRay Markdown Cheat sheet. 

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Digital Marketing Jargons/Terms/Definitions – Ultimate Guide

Dear visitors, Digital Marketing is a relatively a new way of marketing which is very effective and changed a lots of traditional ways of marketing in a very less span…

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Complete Reveal JS Reference & Cheatsheet

Here are the Complete Reference & Cheatsheet. The basic setup is for authoring presentations only. The full setup gives you access to all reveal.js features and plugins such as speaker…

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Elasticsearch Web References & Cheatsheet

Elasticsearch official documentation Very good Elasticsearch Guide on Github Elasticsearch Official forum Stackoverflow elasticsearch handlers Jolicode elasticsearch Cheatsheet Elasticsearch DevOpsSchool reference

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Gerrit Web References & Cheatsheet

Gerrit Performance CheatSheet

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Chef frequently used commands collection

To run single recipe using chef-solo > chef-solo -c /opt/chef/repo/config/solo.rb -o my_cookbook::recipe To run the single reciepe in same machine > chef-apply hello.rb To generate the cookbook standard structure >…

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Oracle RAC Web References & Cheatsheet

Check CRS Status [root@racnode1 ~]#crsctl check crs Check Clusterware Resources [root@racnode1 ~]# crs_stat -t -v Stopping the Oracle Clusterware Stack on the Local Server [root@racnode1 ~]# /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/bin/crsctl stop cluster CRS-2673:…

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Windows XP/2000 Commands & Tools | Windows XP Command-line Reference

Here’s the ultimate Windows XP/2000 command list that will make any Linux user feel at home at the command prompt. A lot of these commands are intended for administrating a…

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