Chef frequently used commands collection


To run single recipe using chef-solo

> chef-solo -c /opt/chef/repo/config/solo.rb -o my_cookbook::recipe

To run the single reciepe in same machine

> chef-apply hello.rb

To generate the cookbook standard structure

> chef generate cookbook learn_chef_httpd
> knife cookbook create smartmontools -r md

To generate the template file in cookbook

> chef generate template learn_chef_httpd index.html

To run the cookbook in local mode

> sudo chef-client --local-mode --runlist ‘recipe[learn_chef_httpd]’

To download the cookbooks from market place

> knife cookbook site download learn_chef_httpd
> knife cookbook site install learn_chef_httpd

To Upload the cookbooks to chef server

> knife cookbook upload learn_chef_httpd
> knife cookbook upload -a

To bootstrap a nodes

> knife bootstrap {{address}} --ssh-user {{user}} --ssh-password '{{password}}' --sudo --use-sudo-password --node-name node1 --run-list 'recipe[learn_chef_apache2]'
> knife bootstrap -x root -P Br356YS0iy –sudo –node-name firefox
> knife bootstrap -x username -P password –sudo

To see the list of nodes

>knife node list

To edit the node run list

> knife node edit name_of_node

To see the info about each nodes

> knife node show node1

Run the cooksbooks on nodes

> knife ssh {{address}} 'sudo chef-client' --manual-list --ssh-user {{user}} --ssh-password '{{password}}'
> ssh username@ipadddress -i mycredentials.pem sudo chef-client

To add the run list to the nodes.

knife node run_list add C2445575914.domain 'recipe[hptrain]'
knife node run_list set test-node '''recipe[iptables]''' [Windows - Powershell]
knife node run_list set test-node 'recipe[iptables]' [Windows - Command]
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