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P4V deficiencies compared to P4Win

Here’s list of P4V deficiencies & features missing as compared to P4Win…  

1). In P4V you can’t paste paths onto the tree view as way to quickly navigate to items. The nearest equivalent is to paste in to the address bar but that has the annoying side effect of switching between workspace/depot view depending on the format of the address. 

2). P4V has an inferior (broken) ability to copy paths from depot treeview using Crtl+C. P4V copies the string in a totally un-usable format, P4Win copies it ready for use in command line P4 operations etc. 

3). P4V has inferior drag/drop of filenames from treeview. P4Win allows you to drag/drop filenames in local workspace syntax. P4V on the other hand drags/drops in depot syntax – there does not seem to be any way to quickly get filenames in workspace syntax. 

4). P4V can’t integrate a selection of files, it can only integrate single files or entire folders. 

5). P4V doesn’t provide the ability to sort pending changelist by criteria. 

6). P4V doesn’t offer safe automatic merge when integrating a single file. 

7). P4V doesn’t have a default resolve type. 

8). P4V doesn’t allow use of Enter/Ctrl+Enter to select the default action in dialogs (instead you have to use a mouse or press TAB several times). 

9). Many dialogs lack a Cancel button but escape key, in many cases, does the same thing. 

10). P4V suffers from a general lack of keyboard shortcuts (like Ctrl+Shift+M for resolve). 

11). P4V provides no way to “p4 set” defaults and hence interoperates badly with command prompts and scripts. 

13). P4V has lacks command line features of P4Win. 

14). And finally, IMO, P4V is just a more cluttered interface, you spend forever having to resize, switch views and generally fiddle with things. P4Win was fine!But 2008.2 beta release notes that several more dialogs and column-width settings are remembered now 

15). P4V bookmarks no longer cross depots and don’t have keyboard shortcuts. Under P4Win, I constantly switch my current window between depots and file areas using keyboard shortcuts. I have no idea why P4V separates favorites from bookmarks with neither doing the whole job.Favorites is also intent on opening a new app each time rather than just switching which just clutters my desktop. P4V needs the more powerful bookmark function from P4Win. 

16). There is no P4V “resync to same changelist” menu item. I use this frequently when I am testing something and want to wipe out the source and generated binaries and do a quick re-sync. 

17). There is no P4V menu item to update an existing client’s view from another client. We use this all the time with P4Win to update client views from template clients. 

18). P4V does not show the “Explore” and “Command Prompt here” context menus for folders—just for files. I often use this to open a window for the current folder to do something. 

19). Popping up an editor for a file that is not open for edit no longer says read-only with the revision number in the caption bar in P4V. AuthorRobert Pitt & Barry Wilks

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