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Unofficial ‘CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA)’ Exam Curriculum

Scheduling 5% Use label selectors to schedule Pods.   Understand the role of DaemonSets.   Understand how resource limits can affect Pod scheduling.   Understand how to run multiple schedulers and how to configure Pods to use them.   Manually schedule a pod without a scheduler.   Display scheduler events.   Know how to configure… Read More »

Linux Commands for Administrator | Linux Admin Commands Reference

su: Acquiring Superuser Status # su  :- Acquire  Superuser after entering password but home directory does not change # su – l :– Acquire Superuser access after password but home  directory change to ROOT # su  – henry : – To  Login and Recreate a user environment # sudo -s root -c “/bin/bash -l” passwd… Read More »

Main Responsibilities of the Linux System Administrator | What Linux System Administrators do ?

Main Responsibilities of the Linux System Administrator is as follows: Maintaining User Accounts Security Managing the disk space and Backup Provisiom the new Linux Server based on the need Linux Server Updates and Patching Authentication and Authorization Management Trubleshooting of Linux Severs and QA Deployments Managing the Large number of VMS in VMWARE Montoring all… Read More »