Azure Trainer in Netherland, Amsterdam

Azure which offers a range of software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) options for deploying applications and services on Microsoft…

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AWS Trainer in Netherland, Amsterdam

Do you know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. This blog…

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Kubernetes Trainer in Netherland, Amsterdam

This blog will make you familiar to Kubernetes trainer in Netherland, Amsterdam What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is a framework for running and coordinating containerized applications across a cluster of machines…

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DevSecOps Trainer in Netherland, Amsterdam

DevSecOps engineers choose and deploy the appropriate automated application security testing tools. It is their responsibility to make users aware of how to make the most of application security features. Getting…

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SRE Trainer in Netherlands, Amsterdam

Getting highly skilled SRE Trainer in this world is getting little difficult. If you are in Netherlands, Amsterdam and need highly skilled SRE Trainers than this blog is going to…

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Gradle Training | Gradle Course | Online | Classroom | India | USA | UK

Gradle is the next generation in build automation. It uses convention-over-configuration to provide good defaults, but is also flexible enough to be usable in every situation you encounter in daily…

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Puppet Training for Devops and System Administrators | Puppet Course

Puppet Training for DevOps and System Administrators Agenda – Introduction to Puppet Installing and Configuring the Puppet Master Installing and Configuring the Puppet Agent Creating Manifests Creating and Using Modules…

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AnthillPro Training | AnthillPro Course | Online | Classroom | India

Course Summary AnthillPro automates the process of building code into software projects and testing it to verify that project quality has been maintained. This course will teach students the processes…

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Apache Ant Training | Apache Ant Course | Online | Classroom | India

Course SummaryThis course introduces Ant and how to use it for test-driven Java application development. A single application of increasing complexity, followed throughout the class, shows how an application evolves…

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PowerShell Training | PowerShell Course | Online | Classroom | India

PowerShell for Developers This course is about the stuff you do everyday – working with code and Visual Studio, source control, building software, etc – and how you can apply…

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Continuous Integration Training | Continuous Integration Course | Online | Classroom | India

Continuous integration techniques with MSBuild, TeamCity, NUnit, NCover, FxCop, and Microsoft Web Deploy scmGalaxy is a community initiatives based on Software configuration management that helps community members to optimize their…

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TeamCity Training | TeamCity Course | Online | Classroom | India

Click Here scmGalaxy is a community initiatives based on Software configuration management that helps community members to optimize their software development process, Software Development Life Cycle optimization, Agile Methodologies and…

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Apache Ant: Learn Apache Ant from IBM Experts

Apache Ant: Learn Apache Ant from IBM Experts Section 1. Getting started     What is this tutorial about? In this tutorial, you’ll learn about Ant, a build tool for Java…

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