Shell Bash Scripting: Assignment & Excercise – 14

Write a Shell Bash Script for convert Decimal Number to Binary

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Shell Bash Scripting: Assignment & Excercise – 13

Write a Shell Bash Script for test if a number being entered is a Fibonacci or not

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Top 50 C++ Interview questions and Answers

What is C++? C++ is an object-oriented programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup. It was released in 1985. C++ is a superset of C with the major addition of classes…

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Top 50 Go Programming Language Interview Questions and Answers?

1) What is Go programming language? GO is an open source programming language developed at Google. It is also known as Golang. This language is designed primarily for system programming….

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Shell Bash Scripting Interview Questions and Answer – Part 4

Bash Scripting is a powerful a part of system administration and development used at an extreme level. It’s utilized by the System directors, Network Engineers, Developers, Scientists, and everybody UN…

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How to setup PHP in localhost for server-side scripting?

In this blog I am going to start with the beginning, So even if you are not aware to run PHP on your local machine you to it just following…

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What is JavaScript – All You Need To Know About JavaScript

What is JavaScript? ” JavaScript is a high level, interpreted, programming language used to make web pages more interactive.  “ JavaScript is a scripting language used to create and control dynamic website content,…

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Linux Tutorials: Complete Reference for Commands & Scripting

Linux User Commands Linux Commands for User Linux Commands reference in scmGalaxy forum Linux Admin Commands Linux Commands for Administrator Main Responsibilities of the Linux System Administrator 20 pmap Commands…

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Shell Scripting (Bash) Training | Bash/Shell Scripting Course

Introduction Introduction Why Shell Scripting? Linux Internal What to Expect From This Course? Prerequisites Git fundamental Introduction of git Git setup Basic operations in git Github Summary A First Look…

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Perl Scripting Interview Questions and Answers

Can anyone help on these questions which i couldnt answer in my interview,because iam not sure on perl scripting iam learning the things in perl now. 1.What standard Perl modules…

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Ant Script with Shell script, How to run shell script from Ant Script?

Ant Script with Shell script How to set files Permission in Ant | How to set files Permission in Unix | Set files Permission in Ant in Unix Environment Command:…

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