To run python setup tools using Maven

snehal.shaha created the topic: To run python setup tools using Maven
Hi All

I have two modules in my project.
1. Java module
2. Python Module

I am using Maven for java and building the module

For python I decided to use setuptools (

I want to use Maven and try and build Python Module.
Please can anybody help how to use any plugin available in Maven to Build Python Project.

The exact example code for POM.xml

If not this way, Can you suggest me some way I can use one tool and do both of this.
I am preferring Maven to be used for whole project.

Thanks in advance,

tpatil replied the topic: Re: To run python setup tools using Maven
Hi Snehal,

You can use maven-exec-plugin to execute python script using maven.

E.g. org.codehaus.mojo



python-build package

Hope this helps…

Rajesh Kumar
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