Top 10 high paying software jobs in 2019.

If you are a Computer Science Graduate or someone who is thinking to make a career in the Software development world, or an experienced programmer who is thinking about his next career move but not so sure which field you should go then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will tell you the top 10 highest paying software technical jobs you can aim for. All you need is some Programming and Coding experience and a passion for learning. Particularly the Machine learning and Data science field looking very promising for fresh Computer Science graduates, beginners and experienced programmers.

On average a Machine learning specialist and Data Scientist make around anywhere from $110,000 USD to $120,000 and there is a huge demand for them and if you are interested in solving real-world problems they present an exciting opportunity and this article will focus on the high paying jobs you can aim to take your career next level.

Big Data Engineer – Businesses needs individuals who can transform large amounts of raw data into actionable information for strategy-setting, decision-making and innovation and  pay well for people with these skills. These professionals typically create a company’s software and hardware architecture, along with the systems people need to work with the big data. Big data engineers usually have a degree in computer science and expertise in mathematics and databases.

Mobile Applications Developer – Just look at your phone or tablet applications and it’s pretty easy to figure out why mobile applications developers are in demand, these IT pros need expertise in developing applications for popular platforms, such as iOS and Android. They also must have experience coding with mobile frameworks and mobile development languages, as well as a knowledge of web development languages.

Information Systems Security Manager – Successful candidates for this hot job possess a technical background in systems and network security, but also have great interpersonal and leadership abilities. Analytical and problem-solving skills are key, as are excellent communication abilities. Information systems security managers also need to keep up with security trends and government regulations.

Applications architect – These tech pros, who have design the main parts of applications, including the user interface, middleware and infrastructure. In addition to strong technical abilities, they need to be able to work well on teams and sometimes manage them. Excellent communication and planning skills are required for this job.

Data architect – These tech professionals are responsible for the complicated processes essential to making strategic business decisions. They translate business requirements into database solutions and oversee data storage (data centers) and how the data is organized. Ensuring the security of those databases is part of the job as well.

Database manager – Just about every business has some sort of database, and these tech pros maintain and support a firm’s database environment, helping companies use data more strategically to meet their goals.  Database managers are especially needed in large organizations with voluminous amounts of data to manage and must possess strong leadership and strategic planning skills.

Data security analyst – Data security analysts must thoroughly understand computer and network security, including firewall administration, encryption technologies and network protocols. The job also requires excellent communication and problem-solving skills and a knowledge of trends in security and government regulations.

Software engineer – They design and create engineering specs for both applications and software, which means they’re almost always in demand. Software engineers must have information systems knowledge and typically a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related area. Specific programming language knowledge is required, as well as strong communication skills.

Wireless network/cloud engineer – Wireless offices and mobile app development are just a few of the reasons these pros are in demand. Wireless network/cloud engineers need to be experts in every aspect of network technology and have a background in wireless equipment and standards, as well as WLAC design. Analytical and problem-solving skills are necessary for the job, and a certification like the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) also is valuable.

Data scientist – These IT professionals use their knowledge of statistics and modeling to make sense of complicated data from a variety of sources. Data scientists need business savvy and communication skills in addition to statistics, mathematics and computer science expertise. Knowledge of programming languages such as Python or Java is often necessary for the job as well.


While many of the top paying tech careers require years of industry experience, breaking into the tech industry itself does not always mean needing a technical background. With an abundance of educational resources today, it is as easy as ever to move into the booming tech industry.