Top 52 Facebook Groups/Community for DevOps practitioners

Linux Experts 48570 Sysadmin | Cloud | DevOps 16151 DevOps-Beginner 4592 DevOps 9797 Test Automation Professionals 10596 Docker Kubernetes DevOps…

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Top Tasks to be Performed to Improve Website Ranking on Google My Business.

Today, I let you know about Google My Business. It is one type of free and easy-to-use tool for businesses…

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Top 10 ways and ideas to Improve Sales using Google My Business.

Do you know that about 88 per-cent consumers in-store shopping behavior is significantly influenced by online research before they make…

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What is Blog and Blog Directory submission Sites?

What is Blog and Blog Directory submission Sites? A blog is one type of website where content is presented in…

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Top 5 SEO Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Here, I’m going to discuss with you about 5 SEO Content Writing Tips for Beginners. Problem Solving Content – If…

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Top 10 high paying IT certifications in the world in 2019.

The professionals in the field of Information Technology understand the importance of certification to their career and growth. Getting certified…

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Top 10 high paying software jobs in 2019.

If you are a Computer Science Graduate or someone who is thinking to make a career in the Software development…

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Top 10 Container(Docker) Monitoring Solutions and Tools in 2018

Top 10 Container Monitoring Solutions/Tools in 2018 Native Docker cAdvisor Scout Pingdom Datadog Sysdig Prometheus Heapster / Grafana ELK stack…

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Top 30 best paying tech companies for software engineers

As per the latest survey done by Glassdor, These are top tech companies who pay highest attractive salary to their…

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Best date android apps

Tagged Tagged – Meet, Date, Chat, Flirt, Free, Fun! Over 300 million members make Tagged the largest and best FREE…

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Top Must have android apps in India

Indian Rail Info App Indian Rail Info App is the most downloaded Android application for information about Indian Railways. It…

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Top Interview Questions on Server Configuration Management Tools Chef, Puppet, and Ansible

Source – As a quick recap, configuration management tools enable companies to standardize and automate their infrastructure. Through standardization,…

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Top 5 Open Source Code Management tools

The old way of software development where the release engineers ran from one mates to another mates to keep track…

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Top 5 Cloud Based Continuous Integration Tools

Today we are going to discuss about Cloud based continuous integration tools. As we already discussed about Continuous integration, it’s…

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Top 5 Build Management Tools

These days in software industry the process of software development very much rely upon best practices of various tools. The…

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Top 10 Scripting Languages in DevOps | List of Best Scripting Languages

This is the time of DevOps in software industry and DevOps uses different different languages for deployment automation and for…

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Top 5 Git hosting solutions | List of best Git hosting tools

This is the era of DevOps where automation and collaboration is the key of success in software industry. This is…

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Top 10 Cloud Platforms | List of best Cloud Platforms

Cloud computing is one of the trends which is going in IT industry these days. The traditional way of building…

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Top 5 online platforms where DevOps practitioners hangout

This is the age of Internet and social media and people’s spend more and more time on to the net…

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Top 5 Open Source Release Management Tools | List of Best Release Management Tools

Release management is the process of managing, planning, scheduling and also controlling the whole process of building a software via…

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Top 10 Bug/Issue Tracking Tools | List of Best Bug/Issue Tracking Tools

Just imagine a situation when you put so much efforts to build a software or application and release it and…

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Top 10 Infrastructure Monitoring Tools | List of Best Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

There are various types of tools used by DevOps professionals in their work environment from Continuous integration tools to Virtualization…

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Top 5 Application Performance Management Tools

This is the age of applications. We are using various applications in our day-to-day life to get our things done…

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Top 5 Release Management Tools

These days the software industry is going under transformation and lots of new tools and skills introduced in software development…

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Top 5 Hypervisor tools | List of best Virtual machine tools | scmGalaxy

Today we are going to talk about Hypervisor which is also an important tool for Developers or programmers these days….

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Top 5 Virtualization tools for Developers | List of Virtualization tools | scmGalaxy

Software developers are busier now than ever before. They want to do more work in less time with quality. But,…

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Top 5 Log Monitoring Tools | List of Log Monitoring Tools | scmGalaxy

These days there are various kinds of tools used by professionals in Software industry. From CI tools to Virtualization, to…

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Top 10 Continuous Integration Tools | List of Best CI Tools | scmGalaxy

Today we are present here with another interesting article which will help you to know about the best tools which…

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Top 5 Code Editors for the Software Programmers | Best Code Editor | scmGalaxy

This is the age of programming and coding and in the last few years software industry changes a lot. We…

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Top 10 DevOps Tools which is mostly used by DevOps Engineers | scmGalaxy

DevOps is an important component for software industry today. Developing and implementing a DevOps culture helps to focus IT results…

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