Top 5 Technique to Engage Blog Readers.

In this section, we are going to discuss techniques to engage blog readers. Which we do on a blog.

Here the technique are:

  • Comments
  • Contests
  • Blog post with Intention
  • Guest Post
  • Series of the blog post


Comments are the lifeblood of a blog. They prove that readers are engaged, paying attention, and what you have to say is important. Many blogging platforms have the option to allow or turn off comments. If you want to run a successful blog, allowing comments is a must. Some blogs have commenting enable, but very little encouragement is given to the reader to actually leave a comment.

2. Contests:

Blog contests are incredibly popular and it seems like everyone is doing it. Contests are a great way to get some excitement started for your blog and to tap into word of mouth marketing. People love contests and will often share exciting news with friends, earning you more readers. Do you want to have more subscribers? Do you want to link up with partners in the same business? Deciding on your goals will help you choose the right types for the contest. The right types of contests will help you target your audience.

3. Blog post with Intention:

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get new readers and keep those readers around. Contests are one way. Posting with intention is another, a great blog post will become popular. So, how can write can you write one of this hit blog posts? Emotion is a great way to get people’s attention to get them talking. The controversy is certainly linked with emotion. There is no reason to announce a controversial or offensive topic and take one side or the other just to get people talking.

4. Guest Post:

Guest posting is exactly what it sounds like, having someone else write a post for you. Doesn’t that sound great? However, this is a thicker subject than just outsourcing the hard work. First, there are two types of guest posting. One, where you blog hosts a guest writer and one where you are the guest poster, for a fellow blogger. Both have their advantages. Being the guest poster, allows you to get your name out there and gain publicity for your own blog.

5. Blog Post Series:

Another way to engage blog readers is through the Blog Post Series. This is a pretty straight forward idea. It is a post on one topic that stretches over multiple posts. It can be one topic, multiple linked ideas. Or, expanded list on the same idea. Blog series can attract and keep readers. Regular readers will keep tuning in to read the next installment of your very own interesting series. Writing content for your blog can be very difficult. Blog series will help over here.

And I hope that you will be able to use them successfully and engage.