What is DMCA?

DMCA violation is a term of the copyright Act. when any third party try to copy content from another website and simply pasting in their own website and publishing to the public then this actions reflects violation of DMCA. You cannot copy paste without their sites permission. The DMCA updated and announced  Copyright Protection in relations to use on computers and other electronic devices.

How DMCA work on the Website ?

DMCA work those website which website has been registered on the DMCA act  rule 75 of the copyright act of India 2013, then DMCA provides protection your website content, image, video etc.Under DMCA, four safe harbors have been provided for the service providers according to which the liability of the intermediary would be limited if certain precautions are observed.
They are Transitory digital network communications (eg:Network service providers who only transmit data)System caching (eg: ISPs who cache content temporarily Information residing on systems or networks at the direction of users Information location tools (eg: Search Engines) so everyone involved with online digital content could better understand in this way your content is covered by DMCA protections.

How DMCA help?

DMCA helps when your content have been stolen by other website then DMCA procedure notice you please remove and disabled as a result of a copyright infringement notice otherwise your website has been closed. DMCA protection guarantees that online content fraud and content thieves Included in the Protection Service.