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What is Gitlab and How it works? An Overview and Its Use Cases?

What is GitLab?

GitLab is a popular, open source Git hosting solution implemented by more than 50,000 organizations. Over the last few years, GitLab has evolved with strong community support and growth, handling thousands of users on a single server and several such servers on an active cluster.

GitLab is a self-hosted system for managing your code. It was first released in October 2011, and is updated every twenty-second day of the month since then. It was released under the MIT license.

How Gitlab works architecture?

This is a simplified architecture diagram that can be used to understand GitLab’s architecture. A complete architecture diagram is available in our component diagram below.

Simplified Component Overview

Use case of GitLab

  • Creating a new issue
  • Leaving comments
  • Writing on the project wall
  • Pulling the project code
  • Downloading the project
  • Creating new merge request
  • Creating code snippets
  • Creating new branches
  • Pushing to non-protected branches
  • Removing non-protected branches
  • Adding tags
  • Writing a Wiki
  • Adding new team members
  • Pushing to protected branches
  • Removing protected branches
  • Pushing with force option
  • Adding deploy keys to project
  • Configuring the project hooks

Feature and Advantage of using GitLab

What are the features of GitLab?GitLab provides the following:

  • Version control and repository management based on Git.
  • Issue management, bug tracking and boards.
  • Code Review functionality and Review Apps tool.
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment tool (GitLab CI/CD)
  • Code Quality (Code Climate)
  • ChatOp tool (Mattermost)
  • Service Desk (ticketing system)

Best Alternative of GitLab

  • Red Hat Ansible.
  • Octopus Deploy.
  • Azure Pipelines.
  • UrbanCode Deploy.
  • Puppet Enterprise.
  • CloudBees Flow.
  • Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA)

Best Resources, Tutorials and Guide for GitLab

  • DevOpsSchool
  • mindmajix
  • tutorialspoint
  • towardsdatascience
  • Scmgalaxy
  • Udemy
  • Pluralsight

Interview Questions and Answer for GitLab

What Are The Minimum Requirements?

  • GitLab Control requires at least iOS 8.1 on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini.
  • It currently supports GitLab server version 9.x and higher, but it is highly optimized for GitLab 10.x.
  • Please note that some of the features may not be available or not work at all on versions prior to 9.0.

Is Ldap Authentication Supported?

GitLab API supports LDAP authentication only since version 6.0 and higher.

Is Gitlab Control The Official Gitlab App?

GitLab Control is published by Valerio Mazzeo and it is not affiliated with GitLab B.V. in any way.

How Can I Request An Account?

Single Sign-on has been implemented for GitLab and anyone with an active SEE Global ID can log into the system.

Jobs & Salary Prospectus of GitLab

Average GitLab salaries by department include: Business Development at $142,233, Finance at $102,980, Design at $120,118, and Operations at $115,922. Half of the employee salaries are above $157,465.Pay rates contributed from GitLab workers incorporate occupation titles like Senior Developer, Developer, Jr Developer, and Marketing Operations. Equivalently information has an aggregate of 8 compensation records from GitLab representatives.

Free Video Tutorials of GitLab

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