What is Prometheus & Grafana and best course and certification in India

What is Prometheus and Grafana


After realizing that the metrics and monitoring tools they were using at the time (StatsD and Graphite) were insufficient for their monitoring needs, SoundCloud developed Prometheus as an open-source project in 2012. They determined particular requirements essential for their monitoring objectives by drawing inspiration from the monitoring program Borgmon (at the time used by Google).

Features of Prometheus

  • A multi-dimensional data architecture that uses key/value pairs and metric names to identify time-series data
  • PromQL is a query language that leverages this dimensionality.
  • Time series collecting occurs via a pull model over HTTP; there is no need for distributed storage; pushing time series is supported by an intermediary gateway.
  • Targets are found using static configuration or service discovery
  • Support for multiple graphing and dashboarding modes


Grafana is an open-source visualization and analytics program, according to GrafanaLabs. Your data can be searched, displayed, and examined wherever it is kept. Said, it gives you the tools you need to create stunning graphs and visualizations using the data from your time-series database (TSDB).

Features of Grafana

  • Panels

from histograms to heatmaps. geomaps to graphs Grafana offers quick and adaptable visualizations that let you display your data as you like.

  • The use of “plugins

With Grafana plugins, you may link your teams’ resources and tools. Without requiring you to transfer or ingest your data, data source plugins connect to already-existing data sources via APIs and present the data in real-time.

  • Alerts

With Grafana Alerting, you can quickly centralize and combine all of your alerts by creating, managing, and silencing them all from one straightforward user interface.

– * * Transformations** –

You can use transformations to rename, condense, combine, and calculate across several queries and data sources.

  • “Annotations”

Add detailed events from many data sources to graphs. You may view the complete event metadata and tags by hovering over events.

  • The panel editor

With a unified user interface for configuring data settings across all of your visualizations, the panel editor makes it simple to build, adjust, and explore all of your panels.

Best course and certification in india

Below given details are the best courses and certifications in India. They all are being vastly utilized by IT industries and have shown great growth in past years and predicted that these all will show great growth in upcoming years.


DevOps dismantles barriers between organizational activities like the product, engineering, security, quality assurance, and operations that have typically operated in silos. This enables you to provide applications and services at a rapid rate while maintaining an attentive business focus.

The size of the global DevOps market was USD 7,398 million in 2021 and is projected to grow to USD 37,227 million by 2030, with a sizable CAGR of 20% from 2022 to 2030.

If you want to be DevOps certified professional, you can visit DevOpsSchool, as they offer the best DevOps course and certification in India.


DevSecOps is a paradigm shift that integrates security into IT operations and software development (DevOps) early on rather than after the fact. Without security, defects and vulnerabilities can creep into your development lifecycle, endangering both your business and your clients.

DevSecOps is a developing industry full of chances for IT specialists and software developers, especially now that many daily operations have shifted to the cloud due to the COVID-19 epidemic, including workers and much of the company.

If you want to be DevSecOps certified professional, you can visit DevOpsSchool, as they offer the best DevSecOps course and certification in India.


As was already said, the SRE function has grown significantly over the past few years and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Google introduced SRE as a practice for the first time in 2015. Today, they state that it is “what occurs when a software engineer is asked to handle an operational problem.” This translates to sustaining high levels of reliability for digital services through the gradual improvement of process automation, the formulation of SLAs and SLOs, and the creation of mistake budgets.

Due to the ongoing industry use of SRE, it remains a top course and certification to complete to survive in this dynamic climate and to further your career.


The demand for jobs using data has significantly increased during the last few years. Each year, recruiting for positions connected to machine learning and artificial intelligence has increased by 74%. Many different types of people are attempting to enter the data sector. Most of these people make an effort to find employment in analytics or data science. Data science, DevOps, and data engineering all converge at MLOps.

Due to this growth, the MLOPs engineer’s demand has also been increasing. That’s why it has become more essential to be MLOPs certified. So, to get MLOPs certified professional you can visit DevOpsSchool. It’s a training institute and one of the best institutes in India, even in other countries as well.


Undoubtedly, a better strategy is needed that applies the best DevOps concepts to contemporary development organizations and advanced architectures, such as CI/CD toolchains and coordination between Dev and Ops.

Given the extremely complex nature of cloud infrastructure, GitOps is the obvious choice to deliver this next stage. With GitOps, the code that defines the application and supporting infrastructure is kept in a centralized version control system (Git). This gives the development and operations teams a shared single source of truth.

With this strategy, developers may centrally store declarative code that sets up and modifies the infrastructure. enabling automated adjustment when there is a difference between the desired and actual state of the infrastructure.

Due to tremendous growth in GITOps adoption, being GITOPs certified has become very important to leverage the opportunities, and if you want to get certified then you must visit DevOpsSchool. It’s one of the best institutes for GITOps in India. It has the best IT experts who have 15+ years of experience in IT.


Students are continuously looking to gain valuable certifications in AIOPs, which will help them acquire a strong understanding of all possible aspects of artificial intelligence. Multiple professional websites are offering online AIOPs certifications, i.e. AIOPs courses with certificates. AIOPs certification is important to enroll to start a career in a reputed company and receive a good package per annum.

The global AI training dataset market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 22.2% from 2022 to 2030 to reach USD 8,607.1 million by 2030.

As AIOps is growing, the job vacancies of AIOPs engineers are also increasing. That’s why it has become more important to get certified in AIOPs. To be certified in AIOPs you can visit DevOpsSchool. It is one of the best institutes for AIOps and offers vast and deep course content to give you skills and knowledge.


DataOps is a collaborative data management technique to enhance data flows between data managers and data consumers throughout an organization through improved communication, integration, and automation.

According to projections, the size of the global DataOps Platform market will increase at a CAGR from 2022 to 2028, from USD million in 2021 to USD million in 2028.

Due to this, the opportunities for data engineers are also increasing. To get certified in DataOps contact DevOpsSchool. It is one of the best institutes for DataOps in India. There IT expert trainers has 15+ years of experience in IT. Must visit DevOpsSchool.

Prometheus with Grafana

Grafana and Prometheus always function together.

Prometheus is a monitoring program for metric and time-series data. Grafana enables the visualization of Prometheus data (and other sources).

Grafana has had a 25x surge in global usage over the last six years, with more than 900,000 active installations and 10 million users worldwide as of today. Prometheus is the same.

If you are looking to be Prometheus and Grafana certified engineer or want to make a career with this tool, then must visit DevOpsSchool. It has so many expert trainers who can help you out. Also, DevOpsSchool is IT-industry recognized.

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