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Top programming languages in the world & their courses and certifications

There are several programming languages in the world but only a few are there which is being used by industries. Today we will discuss it. Let’s start –


Many websites utilize the lightweight object-oriented programming language JavaScript to write their web pages. When used with an HTML document, it is an interpreted, complete programming language that enables dynamic interactivity on websites.

Users can create interactive modern web applications with JavaScript without continually refreshing the page.

JavaScript, however, is not connected to the Java programming language. The name was proposed and offered during a period when Java was becoming more and more popular. Databases like CouchDB and MongoDB use JavaScript as their query and scripting language in addition to web browsers.

Contact DevOpsSchool if you’re seeking a Javascript course and certification. One of the premier training centers in India offers instructor-led online instruction in Javascript from some of the industry’s top experts.


Python is a general-purpose programming language that enables programmers to employ a variety of programming paradigms when developing programs (such as functional, object-oriented, reflective, etc.). Python was used to create several well-known digital applications and platforms, such as YouTube, Google Search, and iRobot robots.

Python is a great language for both new and seasoned programmers alike because it is one of the simpler languages to learn and use. A substantial library for supporting common commands and operations is included with the language. Its interactive features enable programmers to test code as they write it, cutting down on the time needed to write and test lengthy parts of code.

If you are looking for a Python course and certification, then you can contact to DevOpsSchool. It’s one of the best training institutes in India that provides Python training through instructor-led online training from their best IT expert trainers.


Hyper Text Markup Language, also known as HTML, is a programming language used to build websites and online applications. Technologies like Cascading Style Sheets and scripting languages like JavaScript can help.

To get certified in HTML you can visit DevOpsSchool. They are IT-industry recognized.


Cascading Style Sheets is a language for creating style sheets that describe how a document is presented in a markup language like HTML. While CSS determines the size, color, and positioning of every element on a website, HTML organizes site text into chunks. Beginning programmers can dip their toes in the figurative coding pool with CSS because it is an approachable language. There is no reason not to learn CSS if you are just starting with programming.

Learn CSS from DevOpsSchool. You can learn from scratch to advance level from expert trainers to enhance your skills and knowledge.


One of the most widely utilized programming languages nowadays is Java.

Because of its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) characteristics, this general-purpose programming language, which is owned by Oracle Corporation, has become a standard for applications that can be utilized independent of the platform (e.g., Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.). Java is known for being portable across platforms as a result, from mainframe data centers to smartphones. More than 3 billion devices are currently using Java-built applications.

Get Java course and certification in DevOpsSchool. They have 15+ years of experienced IT trainers who can train you much better than anyone. Must visit to build your skills and knowledge of Java.


Game creation, desktop/web/mobile apps, and VR all employ C#, which is also known as C Sharp. C#, a programming language created by Microsoft, became well-known in the 2000s for supporting object-oriented programming ideas. It is among the most popular ones for the.NET framework. On the back end of several well-known websites, C# is employed.

If you are looking for a C# course and certification to get certified then you can visit DevOpsschool. It provides the best training in C#. The link is in the title.


Go was created by Google to be an effective, legible, and safe language for system-level programming. It is also known as Golang. It functions well for distributed systems, which must send messages to one another to communicate and are spread across several networks. Go has a sizable standards library and excellent documentation despite being a relatively new language.

Get GO courses and certification in DevOpsSchool. Learn from basic to advance levels with low training fees and from the best IT trainers. Must visit to get certified.


One of the all-purpose programming languages that will maintain its significance in the coming years is PHP. It was one of the first server-side languages that HTML could incorporate into a web page to add functionality. PHP developers are in high demand as a result of the growing internet trend.

Learn PHP right from scratch to advance level from DevOpsSchool. Be part of PHP engineers by getting certified by the best IT trainers.


Programmers can query and alter databases using the language known as SQL, or Structured Query Language. Database management, sales reports, and business management all require SQL. It is primarily intended for managing data inside of an RDBMS because it is a domain-specific language (relational database management system). Simply put, SQL can update, add, or remove records from a database as well as locate and retrieve data from it.

Despite its considerable functionality, SQL often performs better with smaller databases and is less suited to manage large ones.

Learn SQL from DevOpsSchool right from scratch to advance level. Must visit.


A different iteration of the S language, R is an open-source language. The majority of the code that programmers create for S executes unchanged on R.

Applications created in R are used to process statistics, including testing, calculation, visualization, and analysis for both linear and nonlinear models. Applications written in R may process both structured and unstructured data and connect to a variety of databases.

R has a little more difficult learning curve than some other languages, making it harder for beginners to pick up.

Get certified in R language by DevOpsSchool. You will be taught right from scratch to an advanced level.

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