What is the Google BERT Algorithm?

BERT means Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It is Google’s new algorithm update. In simple words, BERT helps Google get a better understanding of the context of user search queries and its aims to help Search better understand the nuance and context of words in Searches and better match those queries with helpful results.

History of BERT Google Algorithm Update:-

In October 24, 2019, the BERT update was released. The latest Google algorithm update in a long succession of changes that the company has made to improve its systems. In the past, some of the major updates include:

  1. Panda update was incorporated into the existing Google Algorithm in 2011.
  2. Hummingbird allowed Google to interpret entire phrases rather than focusing on individual words. It is released in 2013.
  3. RankBrain is released in 2015. It is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that helps Google process some of its search results.

How Does the Google Algorithm Update BERT Affect SEO?

SEO always changes its own Algorithm, and this latest change by Google is certain to have an impact. One thing for sure is that BERT will not help any poorly-written websites. As BERT focuses on query evaluation at the phrase or sentence level, content creators should use more long-tail terms in their content.

One of the most important things to remember that is you should create in-depth content that explores topics in greater detail, offering valuable information to your audience.

Importance of Google BERT Algorithm:-

This update is a step of Google to understand searchers’ queries.
This revision helps the search results get better by understanding the natural language of the user.

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