How To fix Some setting are managed by your organization-error in windows 10 PC

This error is occurring on various windows services like windows update and proxy setting, so if you have this type of error notification then how to fix it? 1. The…

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How to Install Bootstrap 5 alpha!? How to use update version Bootstrap v5.0?

In this blog I am going to start How to Install Bootstrap 5 alpha! & how to use update version Bootstrap v5.0 in your system. So, before I am going…

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How to activate windows 10 without any software?

We all know that, we are very upset with the windows update. many times it creates so many problems. that is why I am writing this blog for all who…

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What is the Google BERT Algorithm?

BERT means Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It is Google’s new algorithm update. In simple words, BERT helps Google get a better understanding of the context of user search queries…

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Understanding the Update API in Elasticsearch

The update API allows to update(also allows to delete, or ignore the operation). a document based on a script provided. The operation gets the document from the index, runs the…

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Creator 2009 > Installation/Uninstallation/Update

InstallerExpert created the topic: Creator 2009 > Installation/Uninstallation/Update I am a new user of Roxio products… I am trying to install Roxio Creator 2009 on Windows XP. It displays and…

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Step by Step Instruction to Upgrade Perforce to 2014

Step by Step Instruction to Upgrade Perforce to 2014 The step are as follows: a) Check if the license is current. p4 license -o The expiry date must be later…

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Sonar PDF Report Plugin 2.1 – What is new in Sonar PDF Report Plugin 2.1?

Hi all, I’m proud to announce the availability of a new release of Sonar PDF Report Plugin (Commercial edition): Key features of this new release: * Include information provided…

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Sonar team

Build Stability Plugin 1.1.1 Released by Sonar team – Overview

The Sonar team is pleased to announce the release of the Build Stability Plugin version 1.1.1. The new version fixes an issue with Bamboo support. The documentation, changes log and…

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Powerful New Amazon EC2 Boot Features – Introduction

Today a powerful new feature is available for our Amazon EC2 customers: the ability to boot their instances from Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store). Customers like the simplicity of the…

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Upgrading Continuum – Continuum Upgradation Guide

This document will help you upgrade Continuum from 1.2.x to 1.3.3 and above. When upgrading Continuum, it could have some database model changes. Usually these changes will be migrated for…

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