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InstallerExpert created the topic: Creator 2009 > Installation/Uninstallation/Update
I am a new user of Roxio products…

I am trying to install Roxio Creator 2009 on Windows XP. It displays and error “0012” at about 3/4 of the way through the install.
I have tried installing many times – all with the same result.

I have searched the KB and done the following per the instructions I found there:
– copied the CD/DVD to my hard drive (ALL files)
– run the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility
– cleared the registry settings manually

I still get the same error.

I am amazed at the apparent complexity of this install (take a look at the other posts on this forum). I work for a software company and I am quite comfortable with using a PC – so please spare us both and pause to think before posting any unhelpful comments.

msiexpert replied the topic: Re: Creator 2009 > Installation/Uninstallation/Update
Ok lets try this :

1. Confirm your date and time are in sync.
2. Try creating a new user account with admin rights
3. Copy the contents of the installation DVD to hdd say desktop in a folder
4. Temp disable AV and anything else that might interfere.
5. Try running setup.exe using the file in the folder copied from installation disc.

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