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Jira Installation Issues and troubleshooting

rajeshkumar created the topic: Jira Installation Issues and troubleshooting Error creating project, 401This resource requires WebSudo. Regards, Rajesh Kumar Twitt me @

Jira issue not fixed via hudson

amitanand123 created the topic: Jira issue not fixed via hudson Anybody performed this task? Let say Hudson+Jira and SVN are integrated and we are planning to release a build. While execution of job we can identify how many tickets are fix during a unique build but how we are going to identify the tickets which… Read More »

How to install Atlassian Jira using Docker?

Install Atlassian Jira using Docker Download and Run the jira latest: # docker run –detach –publish 8080:8080 cptactionhank/atlassian-jira:latest Then simply navigate your preferred browser to http://[dockerhost]:8080 and finish the configuration. Notes: JIRA Home location: /var/atlassian/jira JIRA Installation location: /opt/atlassian/jira Reference:

How to Install and Configure Jira in Linux | Jira Tutorial

Download JIRA package from Linux Installation: wget chmod atlassian-jira-6.4.12-x64.bin Execute the ‘.bin’ file to start the console wizard stop iptables service jira start/stop & follow the instructions Reference