Jira Interview Questions and Answers – Part 4

Who is considered the father of Kanban in software?

  • Xavier Morera
  • David J. Anderson (Ans)
  • Taichi Ohno
  • Michael Vizdos

Regarding new items to be worked on immediately, we have that they are:

  • Reviewed by management and a decision is made
  • Forbidden in Scrum, but allowed in Kanban if we have capacity (Ans)
  • Both methods allow work to be taken on immediately
  • Forbidden in Kanban, but allowed in Scrum if we have capacity

In a Kanban Board why isn’t Plan Mode available?

  • Plan Mode is only available for Scrum Boards, but it’s a pending request for Atlassian to include it (Ans)
  • Planning is not required with Kanban
  • It is an oversight by Atlassian
  • You need to buy JIRA Agile

The following is the most powerful and customizable way of creating a board.

  • Board from existing project
  • Personal Kanban board
  • Board from an existing saved filter
  • New project and new board (Ans)

In Kanban you start by:

  • Getting corporate buy in
  • Mapping out your current process
  • Assigning new roles
  • Not changing anything (Ans)

In this chart you can visualize lead time and cycle time.

  • Sprint Report
  • Control Chart (Ans)
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Burn Down Chart

You create a project from this drop down:

  • Projects (Ans)
  • Create project
  • Dashboards
  • Agile

If you want to add one or many users to projects without having to specify them manually you use a:

  • Group (Ans)
  • Role
  • You can’t, you need to add them manuall
  • Permission scheme

If you can’t measure it:

  • You need to set up your reports to track advance
  • You can’t improve it (Ans)
  • It doesn’t count
  • It does not exist

The quick key for Detail View is:

  • K
  • T (Ans)
  • V
  • +

A way to logically group functionality within your application is via:

  • Components (Ans)
  • Sprints
  • Versions
  • Fields

This key core practice helps build trust and reduce scope creep.

  • Process Visibility
  • Management Inclusion (Ans)
  • Value Stream
  • Explicit Policies

In Issue Detail View you configure:

  • The visible fields right panel in the Kanban board (Ans)
  • Fields included in notification emails
  • The fields shown in each specific card in the Kanban board
  • Fields displayed in a JIRA ticket
Rajesh Kumar