Complete guide of Selenium certification courses, tutorials & training

What is Selenium Selenium is an open-source, free automated testing toolkit for web applications that works with various platforms and browsers. It resembles HP QuickTest Pro considerably (QTP, currently UFT)….

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Complete Selenium Certification Guide & tutorials

What is Selenium? Selenium is an open-source tool that automates web browsers for testing purposes. It offers a single interface to write test scripts in programming languages such as Java,…

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What is Testlink and How it works? An Overview and Its Use Cases

History & Origin of Testlink TestLink was created by Chad Rosen, a software developer for Good Technology in the early 2000s. Rosen came up with the idea of creating a…

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Top 50 Unit testing interview questions and answers

1) What is smoking? In unit testing, we use mocking. An object you want to test may have other complex object dependencies. You replace the other objects with mocks simulating…

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List of Top DevOps Tools For SAP and ABAP

AbapGit SAP Transport Packages IKAN ALM Solman SAP Netweaver Qunit Opa5 SAPUI5 Robotic Process Automation – RPA

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Tools for Java test automation by Daniel Wildt

Tools for Java test automation by Daniel Wildt Tools for Java test automation by Daniel Wildt

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Just to test Order and Unorder list

rajeshkumar created the topic: Just to test Order and Unorder list First Digit – should be incremented by 1 Second Digit – if its 0, no change but with others…

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SQL Injection: How to check or test for vulnerabilities

SQJ Injection There are a number of ways of testing an application for vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection. The tests break down into three different methodologies: Blind Injection: MySQL example:…

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JUnit 4 Test Logging Tips using SLF4J

When writing JUnit tests developers often add log statements that can help provide information on test failures. During the initial attempt to find a failure a simple System.out.println() statement is…

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What are the minimum features for SCM tools? – SCM Tools Essential Features

SCM Tools
The minimum features for SCM tools are closely related to the task of handling the different product deliverables produced within the project software engineering process. Tool requirements and selection criteria are based on a series of features that provide a consistent look and feel with state-of-the-art software development environments. An SCM tool must have multiuser support, an intuitive graphical user interface, conformity to the organization’s development environment, scalability, flexibility in integrating other software development tools, ease of setup, modifiable models, process management, extensive support for the development phase, and management of nondevelopment objects.

Basic selection criteria includes the following:

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