Complete Selenium Certification Guide & tutorials

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source tool that automates web browsers for testing purposes.

It offers a single interface to write test scripts in programming languages such as Java, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Python, and C#, etc.

Some advantages of selenium are

  • Language and Framework Support
  • Open Source Availability
  • Multi-Browser Support
  • Support Across Various Operating Systems
  • Ease Of Implementation
  • Reusability and Integrations
  • Flexibility
  • Parallel Test Execution and Faster Go-to-Market
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What is Selenium

What is the use of Selenium?

  • Automated testing – Prior, people used to do manual testing which used to be a big headache and slow process. That’s why to reduce manual mistakes and to save time automation testing has been introduced. Selenium is quite helpful in such a scenario where it can complete work automatically and without any error. Also it save so much time so the developers can focus on any other work.
  • Important Benefits – Below mentioned are some of the important benefits:
  1. Less burden and stress for testers
  2. Cost reduction for the Business Clients
  3. Increased test coverage
  4. Improved testing accuracy
  • Reduction in Human toil – Automation testing can perform software testing without the need for a test engineer.
  1. To create automation scripts
  2. To run the automation scripts
  3. To view the test results from the automation tool
  • Several supplementary services – It can perform various testing services that’s why it is used very widely.
  1. Selenium automation testing can work despite of the web applications type.
  2. It is also used for performance testing through the test automation framework.
  3. It can also be used for automated web application testing.
  4. It is used with broadly popular POM concept and Keyword, Data-driven, Hybrid approaches.
  5. Selenium website testing might be performed using several languages, browsers, and platforms.
  6. Selenium mobile testing is also available for all types of smartphone-based applications.
  • Fast and accurate
  • Support on multiple browsers – Selenium supports a wide range of browsers like all recent versions of Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Supported by the dynamic community – It has a dynamic developer community which is backed up by Google. This ensures quick support for any issues, bugs or additional releases.
  • Other feasibilities – As far as uses of this is concerned, there are a number of robust methods for location of elements such as Xpath, CSS, DOM etc.
  • Applicable to OOP – If applications of Selenium is used then, it is quite convenient to implement those frameworks that revolve around Object-oriented programming concepts such as Keyword Driven, Data-driven and Hybrid models.
  • Nice integration support – Uses of this also provide support for integration of on. With this feature, it can be used to execute simultaneous tests. Hence, leveraging of various browsers on various machines can be done. This cuts down the time for test execution for a large project.
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Compare Selenium Vs Appium Certification

Get used to automate tests for native, hybrid(.ipa and .apk) and mobile web applications.Used to make web-app testing easier by automating browser actions using WebDriver.
Appium can automate tests for desktop applications as well.It cannot automate desktop applications.
It creates scripts automatically.In selenium, user need to write test script manually.
Appium support all programming languages with Selenium client library.Selenium supports a number of widely used programming languages – Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and C#.

List of Selenium Certification

There is no such official certificate of Selenium as far now.

Selenium Certification Path

As i said above, there is no official certificate for Selenium but still you can become Selenium certified professional by getting trained from DevOpsSchool and Scmgalaxy. It can help you to get the complete knowledge and skillset require to do and get a job.

Selenium Certification Cost

  • Rs 19,999

Best salary for Selenium Certified Professional

  • ₹ 15.8 Lakhs

Best Selenium Certification Tutorials

Best Selenium Certification Video Tutorials

Best Selenium certification Ebooks

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