Top 10 best Git hosting solutions and services in 2021

In this tutorial we are going to talk about Top 10 Git hosting solutions.   In the software development process, from developers to testers, Git is useful for everyone who…

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Top 10 Scripting Languages in DevOps – 2021

Software engineers and IT professionals often get confused when it comes to learn which programming or scripting language is good for their career as a DevOps engineer? This has led…

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List of Top Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is the name of Microsoft cloud Services product like Amazon has AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Google Cloud. It is Microsoft’s public cloud…

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Top 10 Build Management Tools updated 2020

In this blog we are going to discuss about top 10 build management tools which are most popular and utilised by DevOps professionals. While faster software development and frequent releases…

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List of best institutes in Hyderabad for DevOps training

As Hyderabad is one of the most popular IT city in India and in the world now. Therefore a large number of IT professionals from every corner of the world…

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CSS Tutorial-Part 2

List=> List property is used to create a list. There are two types of lists: . Unordered lists- An unordered list uses bulleted as the list item markers. Ordered lists…

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List of Hosted continuous integration software/Tool

AppVeyor CI AppVeyor automates building, testing and deployment of .NET applications helping your team to focus on delivering great apps. CircleCI Hosted Continuous Integration for web applications. Set up your…

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List of build automation software

Make-based tools     distcc     GNU make, a widely used make implementation with a large set of extensions     make, a classic Unix build tool     mk, developed originally for…

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Top Must have android apps in India

Indian Rail Info App Indian Rail Info App is the most downloaded Android application for information about Indian Railways. It enables users to search information about train schedules, including arrival…

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Just to test Order and Unorder list

rajeshkumar created the topic: Just to test Order and Unorder list First Digit – should be incremented by 1 Second Digit – if its 0, no change but with others…

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Top 5 Open Source Code Management tools

In this tutorial im going to demonstrate about Tops 5 Open Source Code Management tools who helps to know more about open source code management tools. Nowadays in the software…

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Top 5 Cloud Based Continuous Integration Tools

In this tutorial im going to describe about Cloud-based integration tools. Cloud-based integration tools is a conservative technology. Nowadays in the IT organization moving towards cloud-based options for continuous integration…

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Top 10 Cloud Platforms | List of best Cloud Platforms

Cloud computing is one of the trends which is going in IT industry these days. The traditional way of building IT environment is now shifting towards the cloud computing. This…

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Top 5 online platforms where DevOps practitioners hangout

This is the age of Internet and social media and people’s spend more and more time on to the net and social networks. And when people spend their time somewhere…

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List of Top 10 Bugs and Issue Tracking Tools for Managing Project

Introduction In the Software Development Life Cycle tracking and finding bugs is one of the most important step. Without this step a software is not complete. It is a big…

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Top 10 Infrastructure Monitoring Tools | List of Best Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Introduction As a network grows, finding and ensuring the Best IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools and Software for your Business is critical in today’s complex and ever-growing eco-system of technology. In…

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Top 7 Application Performance Management Tools

Introduction With the use of technology the applications are becoming more and more complex and distributed nowadays therefore every business is highly dependent on software these days. Ensuring that all…

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List of Top 10 Release Management Tools in 2020.

What is release management? Release management is chiefly concerned with how changes flow through any pre-production environments. Release Management is all about enabling an organization’s systems and services to change…

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Top 10 Continuous Integration Tools | List of Best CI Tools | scmGalaxy

Introduction Your product ideas may be the greatest of all time, but without delivering well and delivering often, it may be extremely hard to keep up with the competition. So…

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Top 10 DevOps Tools which is mostly used by DevOps Engineers | DevOpsSchool

Introduction “DevOps” is an emerging model that allows effective collaboration of development and Operations team so that they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. Traditionally in…

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